How To Understand The Road to Mastery

How To Understand the Road To Mastery

Mastery Curve

Do not give up. DO NOT GIVE UP. I can not remind myself enough that giving up will only lead you to one destination and that is without a doubt not the destination you want to arrive at!

It is always important to understand how the road to mastery pans out. Understanding this allows for you to realise that it does not happen over night and the mastery of all skill is repetition.


“I’m not particularly talented, but my effort levels are insane. I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill” Will Smith

Always worth reminding yourself of this. I am a true believer that everything is a skill and you CAN master anything if you want it badly. So keep going and understand how the road to mastery takes place, and in the end you will reach YOUR GOAL.




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