I landed in Manchester Airport on 20th December. it was Christmas so that was nice to come back to. But then, after two weeks Christmas was long gone i had a decision to make. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW?!

Travel is now a must for me. I just had to get back into the position where I could do it all again, and fast! I had to use my knowledge in 2015 when i saved enough to travel for 6 months, and do all i could in order to save enough to do it all again!

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This is the story, a how to guide from me to you to show how i was able to save up again, this time £7000 within 9 months, which has lead to me booking my flight back to Far East Asia, Thailand, on the 10th October. LETS GET TO IT.

Article Summary

This post will cover how i personally was able to save £7000 within 9 months to enable to me to book another, this time a one way ticket, back to the life of a travelling nomad. It will feature a list and commentary on how i did it, for the second time in as many years!

The list: 7 Tips to save £’s

  • Move back into the parents

I had little choice. I came back with £0. Thankfully i could set up shop with the parents again, which allowed me to save tons quickly. It can be painful but allows you to save SHIT tons. Just do it.

  • Use my skills to get a job

I was close enough, well 2 hours or so bus / train combo, to a major city in England. This meant that i was able to use my skills and get back into the Digital Marketing Agency world. I know what interests me and i know i’ve got some mad arse Digital skills so i went out and got myself a job! Can you get a past job back? Get firing those CV’s out and get working as quickly as possible!

  • Get your finances in order

You’ve got the base, and now the job, the third element is getting your finances in order – but how? This is easier said than done but once you nail it you can save quicker. Two bank accounts is the secret. Get your wage in one, auto send money on the 3rd of each month to the other. Work out what needs to be paid out for bills, food, gym – the must haves. And work out how much you want to save. For me, it was £1000 a month plus the must haves. Then whatever is left in my bank account is spare, i can spend on keeping alive such as a beer at the weekends.

Setting yourself up with an additional bank account has its perks too, FREE money – Read this

  • Don’t eat out + don’t my stuff you don’t need

Not only is it no good for your waistline, but for your savings too. Make your lunch for work instead of getting that meal deal or going out for that lunchtime food and pint. You don’t need it and after a month or so it will become a habit, and saving you tons in the long run. Also, make sure not to spend money for the sake of it. Ask yourself “Do i really need it?”, “Can i live without buying this?”. If i find something I really want I wait for a couple of days before I buy it, and that way i decide if i really want it or it was just because I was bored!

  • Sell stuff you don’t need

You might be like me. I stored lots of stuff from life before travels at my parents and when i returned i realised that the most of it i don’t need or no longer want. Awesome. Thats cash in hand! Get it on EBay and you’re laughing. You’d be surprised what other people want!

Read my Guide to selling online & making money from stuff you no longer want/need – Read this

  • Social life cut down

Yeah its hard, real hard but long term you will thank yourself. I cut down on nights out, beers after work – the lot. Don’t get me wrong i go out for the odd pint or curry, i have to in order to keep sane but its a big difference spending a tenner now and again vs £60 on a night out that i don’t remember. Honestly, long term you will thank yourself!

  • Start a website or side business

Why not? Starting a website is EASY PEASY. You can find all the free resources you can handle across the internet. I pay around £10 per month for iamdanelson.com and it makes me some money, and gives me a platform to help inspire others to live their travels dream through articles like this! Who knows where it might lead…..What skills or experience do you have that you can share with the world? GET ON IT!

Write about what you love. I love travel and digital marketing. I’m now a Travel Blogger. Read my interview with myself here to find out how! 

These 7 tips have helped me save £7000 in 9 months. Doing the hard things like living back with the parents, not having night outs, not buying that new piece of awesome clothing (i bloody love Brooks Brothers!) will all lead to what you want most – enough savings to travel!

Put your mind to it, follow these 7 steps and you too can save enough to travel!

Do you have any tips on saving? Help and inspire others and put your comments below!



Dan Elson
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
& Traveler of Worlds


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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