This was one of the first things that I needed to decide on once I finally made the best decision of my life, and then purchased my trip. This  first question that I asked myself was “What Do I Actually NEED with me when backpacking?”
So I started my journey with conducting online research to try and find a solution to this question. I had no idea. I had never been backpacking, sure holiday to Europe or USA but this needed more thought than just shorts and tee shirts and a suitcase. What did i need for such a trip?


It is easy to read EVERYTHING you can get your hands on and then get all mixed up. When it comes down to it, it really depends on a number of things. You need to get answers to these questions before you can choose what is needed for your trip – after all every trip is your dream trip so it is unique!

Questions to answer so you can determine how to decide what to take with you backpacking

  • What countries are you visiting?

  • When are you visiting certain countries?

  • How long you are travelling for?

  • What is useful / needed for you? Do you NEED that expensive camera or laptop with you?

In my experience it is these questions that need to be answered before you look out for articles on what to pack. This gives you a head start in deciding what other backpackers are suggesting and what you really need. That is why I put together my guide of what I took with me What Is In My Backpack.

I want to inspire others to travel and believe me it can be daunting at first. Answer these questions and you are on your way to deciding what is important to YOU.

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