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As a traveler on a budget (aren’t we all!?!), a backpacker as you will, I want to find deals, deals, deals! I want to get the very best price for anything and everything and this includes largely the biggest expensive of them all – flights!

Dreaded flights! Flights are by far the biggest expensive when it comes to travel for me, and I suspect for you too. If I can get away with it I will look at any other form of transport – bike, coach, boat, you name it I’ve most likely traveled that way – in order to save the costs from flying.

Yes, flying has its advantages, it can be inexpensive, its super quick and convenient and super reliable however the costs – the costs are a pain! Sometimes a plane is needed due to the distances involved, water that can not be crossed by boat, the hassle you’ve heard from other travelers at the board crossings – whatever it maybe, sometimes you just have to fly! 

This blog post will look at how I find the cheapest flights during the past two years I’ve been on the road. 

Flight Comparison Engines

These are the business! Thank god for flight comparison engines! These work just like other comparison engines you’ve likely used for things like car / travel insurance and the lark however its just for flights. Where you’re, where you’re going and when you want to go.

I’m forever checking flight comparison engines to try and bang a bargain flight!

What do I mean by flight comparison engines you may ask? The likes of and These two are my all time faves. Yes, you can get others and the likes of Google even have one however in my experiences these are where the real deals are, these two have been a very good travel buddy to me over the last six months. VS

Whats the difference? Well not much to be honest. Personally I prefer for its app and for its desktop / mobile sites. I have found that both sometimes do show different results though, which is frustrating but gives you a reason to check both. Both have fully functioning websites, mobile included and apps.



Personally, I love on my laptop and the app as both are just as easy to use. Grab the app for Android and Apple marketplaces for free and search as often or as little as you like! BOOM! Click here to access the app right now! 

The App is super easy to use, open, click flights and choose your airport (doesn’t need to be closest one to you, you can choose any in the world), and where you want to go and if its a single or one way flight and along you go. Choose number of passengers and click the search button and you’re onto a winner.

Give it a couple of seconds to load and you get a complete list of flights, you can see how many stops each has, the time it will take, which airline (s) its with and most importantly the cost. Clicking on one of the flights gives you a lot more detail too including any layovers and the times involved! Very important to check when you’re looking for cheap flights as these tend to involve the longest layovers so be aware!

So, found a good price you’re happy with? Click check deals and you will go off to the website mentioned under the price to check the very latest price for the flight – just remember though some airlines especially in Far East Asia don’t offer free baggage so it might look cheaper in the search results but worth clicking through and adding any baggage before getting too excited!

Top Tip: single flights are always the cheapest and if you’re traveling around long term and don’t need a return flight don’t get one – cheaper and more of an adventure!

All you gotta do now that you’ve found the perfect flight for you is buy through the website you’ve clicked through to and soon you will get a confirmation email and you’re on your way! You’ve got other options to mess with, and you can use the other services provided too but thats all I really use it for! 

Top Tip: on SkyScanner, if you’re not sure where you want to visit then click the everywhere option and the app will list in the cheapest first, places you can visit from that airport! Awesome feature for those of us who can’t decide where to next!


Why use

  • Free app on android and Apple thats quick and easy to use (and doesn’t take up much memory on your phone!)
  • The website is quick and easy to use too
  • Shows clear results (apart from if the airline charges additional for baggage!)
  • You can search for “Everywhere” and it will show you results for cheapest flights to the nearest airports
  • You can search for the full month if you don’t mind on the dates, providing you with a top level overview of the cheapest days to travel (tend to be Tuesday!), but remember to click on the date as I’ve seen these prices change between this screen and the search results! 



With I’m a big user of the desktop / mobile version rather than the app. The app can get annoying as it seems to reset the airports once you close it which I just find annoying! Type in the URL on your device, enter from and to airports, number of passengers, the dates and hit search flights. 

Top Tip: The App is free but can be clunky, recommend just to use the desktop or mobile versions! 


You receive a full list of search results, but unlike you get some other options such as the cheapest and quickest which organise your results into each. Again, be aware that baggage isn’t always included so the price might look awesome but always click through to the website and see if you need to add additional baggage on.

I love the fact its so clear with the times of the flight and the flight time, without having to click on each. Like it also states the website that’s offering the deal just under the select yellow button. Click this once you’ve found your perfect flight and you will go through to the website. Again, be aware that the cheapest flight might be at a stupid time that costs you more to get to the airport such as 3am (Expensive taxi anyone?) or have a super long layover!

I find that over the last six months has provided me with some of the cheapest flights, and thats why most of the time I choose to use this website for finding the cheapest deals. 

Why use

  • The website is quick and easy to use, and is very clear with the prices
  • Shows clear results (apart from if the airline charges additional for baggage!)

Final thoughts

I tend to use both just in case one finds a better deal than the other. I love for the “Everywhere” and to choose a full month option (remember to download the app!), and these are missing from, however this website has provided me with the cheapest flights over the past six months so well worth a check too! So good luck, and get searching on both and to find the very cheapest flights around the world! 

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Looking for additional tips on securing the very cheapest flights? I don’t blame you! I have something awesome for you, check out fellow travel blogger James Beamer 9 Tips For Booking Cheap Flights, 9 excellent IAmDanElson approved tips for finding the cheapest flights!

Oh, I have come across a Ebook from a life long traveler who claims he has the secrets to cheap flights! Worth a go when its under $5! Check it out for yourself. 

Comment below your best deal you’ve ever purchased for a flight ticket! And any other flight saving hacks! 


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