Hostel Review: Funky Monkey Hostel Vientiane Laos


Due to visit Vientiane in Laos anytime soon? Looking for reviews of a place to stay? Awesome, come to the right place. This is my hostel review: Funky Monkey Hostel Vientiane Laos.

So, was this hostel any good? Was it clean? Was it safe? Was it worth the cost? Well, that is why you are here!

Cost per night at Funky Monkey Hostel?

$6.79 – a far price and allows you to keep to the backpackers budget for accommodation.

So the price was pretty damn good, for a capital city even if it is in Laos.

Funky Monkey Hostel location any good? Safe?

We had to get a Tuk Tuk taxi from the airport (mainly because of the time and it was dark) to the hotel, though it was easy to find. On a row of other hostels, hotels, small shops and restaurants it looked a nice place to stop.

Funky Monkey Hostel clean?

Even with the low cost it was clean enough. Yeah, clean enough. Look it was not the most expensive and not the least expensive to choose from, though the recent we choose it was due to the ratings on Hostelworld app. It was worth the cost though I would not want to stay here more than a couple of nights.

Would I recommend Funky Monkey Hostel?

Yes and No. On a budget and need a hostel for a night before moving on? Then it has to be a yes. Cheap price and central location. However, wanting to visit Vientiane for a while? This is not the place for you. It really is the feel of a hostel – common room near the reception, paint needs to be updated on the staircase and the bathrooms were 1 star of a hotel that was for sure and no locks on the door.

Final Thoughts

Worth it for one night and wanting a cheap night accommodation in the center of Vientiane.

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