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Hiroshima! Not your typical place to visit if you know anything of World War 2 but a must see for history buffs and those who like a small time city feel! I loved it! Due to the bomb in 1945 the city is all but brand new, and with that comes an awesome look to the future feeling from everyone and thats something I can really get into. I’m glad I took the 12 hours over night journey from Tokyo (Hiroshima is located in south Japan!) on Willer Express coach to see this amazing city. Lets get to it, lets inspire you to visit Hiroshima whilst traveling to Japan! Get ready to see Hiroshima: Up Close & Personal. 

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Willer Express coach heading to Hiroshima!


Japanese Breakfast!


Hiroshima Castle Moat!



Entrance to Hiroshima Castle!


Hiroshima Castle! So amazing!


Climb the steps inside the castle for a birds eye view of Hiroshima!


You can play Samurai inside Hiroshima Castle!


Torii, Japanese entrance to temples


A tree that survived the Atomic Bomb in 1945


Peace Memorial Park Hiroshima is a must visit


Beer vending machine located in the hostel! Its ok to drink on the streets of Japan!


Kirin Bitters a must try 8% alcohol drink in Japan!


Ramon is amazing in Japan! Must try!!

The only picture I’m missing and its on purpose is the dome building that survived the Atomic Bomb in 1945. This is the only building left standing and this was due to the bomb exploding right above the building and the blast went out to the sides leaving the building still standing and leaving a reminder of history. It was really interesting seeing the dome building (located in the memorial peace park), I did get a strange feeling from it knowing what happened, but out of respect I didn’t want to take a picture of the dome building. You can find one by searching Google I’m sure, but alternatively I hope you visit and see with your own eyes. You can then see the museum that is located a short distance away in the memorial peace park, but be prepared to be shocked, nothing can prepare you for it….

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Inspired you to visit Hiroshima? I really hope so, its a must visit in Japan in my eyes! Jump to it and search for the latest cheap flights to Japan through



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