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Highlights of Ibiza Town for families

Ibiza in general is not usually considered a family destination. We spent our last day in Ibiza Town (Eivissa) although the rest of our trip was spent in the San Antonio area, and here are our highlights of Ibiza Town for families.

The parks

There are kids play parks everywhere. Ibiza is great for this in general but we found it to be the case even more so in Ibiza town. We came across huge green spaces with play parks as part of their larger structure but also found parks hidden into every spare space available.


Play parks in Ibiza are on a whole new level above those in Scotland. We were amazed by how much they had to offer – there were so many choices of rides and toys that it would be impossible for the kids to get bored. The locals can be really rude though and two big kids came and took Travis’ swing within seconds of him falling off which really upset him.

The Fort and the ruins

In the Dalt Vila there is a huge Fort which you can climb fully and explore. If you want to spend time at the multi-level play park near the walls though you can still enjoy the immense walls and cool crumbly rock wall for a little climb and explore.


Taking a walk along the Marina

Walking along the Marina in the sun was one of the highlights of the whole day for me, probably even of the whole trip. The area is beautiful and boasts so much culture and history. It is a must in Ibiza Town for families.


The whole area is paved so its easy to access with a buggy. There was also a small market area at the very start of the walkway and again further down. There were cool gifts on offer and cafes and shops all the way up. We snuck down a back street to enjoy our best meal yet in Ibiza at a small, authentic cafe, which sadly was full of snobs and rude Brits.


You can walk right up to the edge of the harbor and enjoy the views of the boats. You can even book and embark upon a boat ride from here.

Green spaces

There are some cool green spaces in the town you can explore and relax in too, or even take a picnic! Wish we had known about Parc de le Pau and taken a picnic for the day!

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Highlights of Ibiza Town for Families | Guest Post
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Highlights of Ibiza Town for Families | Guest Post
Highlights of Ibiza Town for Families. Natasha is a travel blogger & writer at Meldrums In The Move. Her thoughts on visiting Ibiza Town!
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