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Here we go! This is a hostel review of the Happy elephant Guesthouse in Koh Rong, Cambodia where I stayed for three nights between 30th October to 2nd November.

First thing to say is that do not book through HostelWorld for Koh Rong! I’m a massive fan of HostelWorld don’t get me wrong but with an island like Koh Rong is your friend as HostelWorld only features a small collection all with icky ratings. Loads of guesthouses on are far better value for money.

Happy Elephant was recommend and I couldn’t be happier with the choice! I did see some backpackers marching around yesterday looking for somewhere to stay and from looks of it places sell out even in wet season so tricky to not to pre book!


View from Skybar Koh Rong!


Speed boat from Sihanoukville which can be purchased from almost any shop (opted for the safety of booking with my hostel Monkey Republic) was £15 dollar for a open return. Is it worth it? I took the risk and you should do the same! It takes around 4o mins but arriving at the pier on time was a mistake as we were told it would set off at 11am, then it turned up at 12 (mid day red hot sun anyone?), however 50 mins later we made it in one piece!


Waiting for the speed boat to Koh Rong!

As soon as you arrive off the speed ferry you will see the small scope of Koh Rong but already I know I like it, just a feeling. Take a left and the first right and you will see a sign for Happy elephant, go alllllllll the way up the hill, its bloody hard work but eventually you will see a log cabin style hotel with a friendly Cambodian waiting at the front desk with her snazzy laptop.

Ideal local, I suppose everywhere would be on the island, its 5 min stroll to the nice beach located over to the left at the bottom of the hill and nice relaxing area. So win win.


I’ve seen on the island that you can stay in dorms for around 5 dollar, yeah sounds a good deal but without knowing beforehand it wasn’t worth the risk so opted for Happy elephant Guesthouse with twin room with a fan(two fans!). Its 15 dollar a night which isn’t all that cheap however shared between two its only a couple quid more than a dorm and you have your own toilet – shower is a good 1 out of 10 for hot water mind!


Only partied one night (so far) the pub crawl that was recommended by a fellow backpacker and I’d say she has good taste! Its 8 dollars which gets you a vest ( now insanely sandy!), shots when you enter the bars and tons of cool people to speak too!

The island has more bars than Sville so it makes it a much better place to party, and drinks are the usual dollar a beer and 2 dollar a local spirit but thats alright cos you dont need much! One thing to note is no ATM on the island so don’t make my mistake and just bring plenty of money! You can get cashback from the hostel with the big front to it (bottom hill from this guesthouse and turn right) but you will get stung with 10% fee – eek!

Final thoughts


Loving my stay here at Happy elephant Guesthouse and for the price, the clean rooms and relaxing log cabin feel its well worth a stay if you’ve got a buddy to stay with. Twin room with fan will set you back 15 dollar a night and can be booked with a 0% reservation from!

You can find Happy Elephant Guesthouse on Facebook for more details!

Final Verdict: 5 out 5!

Hostel Review: Happy elephant Guesthouse, Koh Rong Cambodia
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Hostel Review: Happy elephant Guesthouse, Koh Rong Cambodia
Hostel Review: Happy elephant Guesthouse, Koh Rong Cambodia. Read my review when I stayed at Happy elephant Guesthouse on the island of Koh Rong!
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