Sound crazy huh? Well… is not!

If you have a full time salary job (for the short term before you travel obvs!) and that is more than £1000 per month, and you have good credit and can handle your finances then yes indeed you can get free money! And that money is actually from a bank! A bloody bank!

Do not miss out on what banks call “Switching Deals”. Basically, a bank wants you, an awesome always in credit and direct debts are paid on time etc type of person. You are a person that the bank wants, desperately. So, that means the bank is willing to convince you, and most do this by giving you FREE, yes free money.

Lets take a look at some of the options I have found…

First Direct

  • Switch from you current bank to First Direct and you get £100 FREE. FREE.
  • You also get 6% interest, and one of the best banks for customer service (promoted by Money Saving Expert)


You want to switch and get that £100 quid? See below requirements:

  • Pay in £1000 within three months of your account opening. Once you’ve made the payment, the £100 is credited to your account within 28 days.
  • This account has a £10 monthly fee, HOWEVER do not worry, this does not apply if you either pay in £1,000, have an average monthly balance of £1,000 or hold selected other accounts with First Direct.
  • Please Note: You can’t get the switching bonus if you’ve ever held an account with First Direct before.


  • Fancy switching over to HSBC instead? I do not blame you get you get another 50 quid, that be £150 for FREE
  • ALSO stay for a year get a further £50 bonus


  • Pay in £1,750/mth for at least nine of the first 12 months – High amount BUT if you get it per month, this is awesome for you
  • Open by Sun 10 July, and use HSBC’s switching service to switch at least two direct debits or standing orders within 30 days
  • You get your freebie within 70 days of opening the Advance Account


  • 3rd option is the bank I switched to (and got £100 a couple years back), Halifax, and get £125 to switch


  • Get it before 11.59pm on 18 July 2016 – after this it will go back down to £100
  • For a special treat you also get £5 per month ‘interest’ – one of the only banks that offer this!
  • You get the bonus within three working days once your switch has completed
  • For the £5/month ‘interest’, you need to pay in £750 each month (not bad huh!), remain in credit, and pay out at least two direct debits (we all have phones, and Netflix or something do we not?!)

Look, I am not giving out advice, AT ALL, but I read all this on Money Saving Expert website and that guy tends to know his things. I have done this in the past when I switched to Halifax bank and really, really, it is free, it gets paid into your bank once it is all switched over.

In my eyes, if you are a “good” customer, screw your current bank and move to one of these and get some free money. What the feck not huh?

Again, I am not promising anything or suggesting you do this (ha) but it seems a no brainer to help you fund your travels…



Dan Elson
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
& Traveler of Worlds


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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