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Hello Friend! Its Monday PM here in Sydney, how the devil are you? Think Oz is always hot? Me too but its not, cloudy day here! Anyways, onto the post! Today’s I’ve got an awesome treat for you! I’ve recently come across an awesome freebie (I LOVE freebies!) from which is run by Remi a ten, thats TEN year veteran of travel! 

I was super impressed with the content of the EBook and the very fact Remi has released it for FREE is fantastic so I wanted to share it with you guys! I always say when reading a book, physical or EBook or watching a documentary even if you only take away one hack, tip, piece of advise then its well worth investing your time in it!

Its an awesome FREEBIE to help you long term travel! 

22 Expert Tips To Travel Cheaper, Faster & Better

The EBook then….its well worth downloading if you want some super awesome tips on travel such as finding the cheapest flights, the cheapest places to stay and other travel hacks.


Awesome Freebie! Click to download from

What’s the EBook about?

Always wondered how to travel cheaper, faster and better? Following over 10 years travelling around the world, Remi from My Travel Experiences has pulled together his top travel hacks to save you bucks on your next adventures. From his favourite tools to book the cheapest flights, to securing free or discounted accommodation, passing by free tourist cards, there is something for everyone. Best thing is that it is totally free!

What ya getting for free? And why would it be useful to a fellow traveler of the world? Remi describes his EBook as including: 

– Find the cheapest flights
– Secure free / cheap accommodation
– Tips to visit local attractions for free or with a discount
– Travel hacks to make your money go longer

How to get hold of the EBook?

How do you get it? Head over to Remi’s website, hit “Travel Resources” and scroll down, you will see an awesome looking graphic, give it a click and you go off to a host page where you can download it. Alternatively, once you land on the site, a pop up shows and you can enter your name and email address and it will appear by magic in your inbox. 

About The Author

My Travel Experiences is a travel blog featuring tested travel tips and destination guides from a tourism professional and avid traveler. Visit for much more!

Would be great to hear your thoughts on the freebie, and if you enjoy perhaps a thanks to the author! Just post your comments below! 



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