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Summary of this blog post

This blog post will feature how foreigners who are living in Australia (like me!!) can transfer your money overseas safely, securely and save money vs using banks!

If this is you, then you need to read this!

How you’re asking?! You Need To Read This.

Update: After putting this article live I checked by bank account in UK and the funds arrived all safe and sound! Awesome service I will use again and again! 

Foreigner in Australia & Want To Transfer Money Overseas? Read This! 

When Would You Need to Transfer Money From Australia to UK?

Good question! And to be honest, until recently I wasn’t really sure I would need to either!

But that’s why you’ve landed on this website, to find details on how you can, safely, securely and a way that doesn’t cost you a shit ton of money to do so!

And most importantly, if you’re like me, not get stung with stupid arse bank transfer costs – which are often CRAZY!

Cost after cost, after cost. You get charged stupid % here in Australia, then bank makes up the conversion from $ to £, then your bank in UK has a good go at charging you stupid amount, too. Shit. Shit indeed. 

Why Did I Recently Transfer Money?

I’m now living and working in Sydney (Go me) so my income goes into an Australian bank amount.

However, from my life in the UK I still have payments going out of my UK banks, ya know, the likes of phone bills, hosting (for this very website) and the list goes on.

These payments need to be paid some how and with a UK bank account of which no money is entering, I’ve, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, have a problem on my hands!

So I did what everyone else does these days and looked to our trusty friend Google! Love you Google!

Money got so low in my UK bank account that I NEARLY went into the red, no way bro, I’m not doing that. So transferring money from Australian bank account to my UK bank account was the only solution!

So I find this awesome way to do just that and best of all:

  • Its all online! And, took less than a couple of days to go through! 
  • Converts your money at the actual rates you see on Google! 
  • Safe, secure, meaning I didn’t have to worry about anything happening to my hard earned money!
  • You can sign up super quick and easily, and even go through your Facebook or Google accounts!
  • Super cheap cost to transfer your money, especially compared to con artists called banks! 
  • Best of all, the company was founded by the guys that brought you….wait for it…Skype! Awesome huh!

Ya wanna find out who this is now don’t ya? Hooked you yo! Read on!

So, What’s this Awesome Service You’ve Found IAmDanElson?

Glad you asked nicely.

It works, and isn’t that the most important thing we want here?

Its called TransferWise


Transfer YOUR money easily, securely and safely with TransferWise!

Why is TransferWise AWESOME!

That is right, that’s an explanation mark and not a question mark! 

I transferred enough to land £120 in my UK bank, and it only cost me $2. TWO BUCKS.

That’s bloody nowt.

And, it landed in less than 3 business working days. This was sent on a Friday too! 

I’ve just checked my UK bank account and I have it. Its right there where it should be, I’m chuffed. 

The service did it’s job and for tiny bits of dollars (not enough to play a game of pool with in Sydney mind you!)

TransferWise I LOVE YOU!

How Can YOU Get Involved?

Its proper easy. 

Hit up TransferWise.com and proceed to set up an account! BINGO!


Wanna receive a $500 transfer, completely free of charge?! COURSE YOU DO.

Clicking on any of the links in this article tells my new friends over at TransferWise that I’ve sent ya, and you will receive just that. FREE TRANSFER. Free transfer up to $500. Proper good, you smart cookie. 

That small saving will allow you to play a couple of games of pool in Sydney, for which you can thank me later. 

Oh, and an awesome guy over at icomparefx.com recently emailed me regarding TransferWise for Business, a Borderless Multi-Currency Account. Got your own business or wanna impress your employer to get that all important two year sponsorship visa? Check out the infographic below! 



Enjoyed this article? Found it useful? Have you tried TransferWise? Hit up with a comment below to help other travelers out! 



Foreigner in Australia & Want To Transfer Money Overseas? You Need To Read This! 
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Foreigner in Australia & Want To Transfer Money Overseas? You Need To Read This! 
In need of transferring money from Australia to UK or somewhere else? Read this article to find out how I recently did this!
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