As the title says, flying can be a bitch. Its part of the journey, and you should always realise that the journey, that’s the best part. It really is! Destination is nothing, and won’t happen without the journey so you may as well enjoy it.

This is an unusual blog posts in the sense that’s its not going to be one of those blog posts that talk about the top 10 flying tips, blah blah, because let’s face it, we have too many of those and most of all you don’t expect me, Dan, to be writing about that sort of nonsense.

Instead this blog post is about enjoying the journey. And with that in mind, let’s take a look at my top tips for flying, stuff i actually do. Because we all know flying can be a bitch.

ENJOY IT, life is but the journey

Simple huh? Not really, it can be difficult to enjoy it. You’ve got 10+ hours on a plane, a piece of metal flying at super speeds above land and water. MENTAL. If you can’t enjoy that thought, the thought that someone much smarter than me and you created this FLYING MACHINE. Because that’s what it is. A FLYING MACHINE. Mental. So you should just enjoy it for that reason really because how many other humans throughout history wanted a FLYING MACHINE. And we have it. So enjoy it. What an awesome time to be alive!!

Write a list of shit you want to do when you get to the destination

List writing can be boring, I get that. List writing can be annoying. I get that. List writing can be blah blah. I get that. But take this time to write a list of what you’re going to do when you land. When you arrive in whichever amazing country you’re traveling to. Write a list, around 5 things, of what you want to see / do / experience. Get a thought in your head of what you want to do. MAKE IT REAL. Take this time on the plane to make it damn real.You won’t waste anytime enjoying your time in that country now!

Take advantage of the time you have

Of the food / drinks / entertainment onboard. Lets face it. Its the 21st century and not only do we have FLYING MACHINE but these flying machines come with drinks and food and entertainment. Ok its no strip club but you often find TV’s, your own TV, behind the seat in front of you. HOW AWESOME. And sometimes you get free drinks and free food. Again, pretty awesome, so make the journey fun and take advantage of these modern pluses to air travel. GET IN ON IT ALL.

Journal about life you’ve experienced so far

I often find that when you do shit around the world, its very real at the time but over time, and not much time at all, it can fade. You know you did it, and you remember kind of what it was, sometimes. But a lot of the time it fades away. Goes completely. And you start to question was that really me? Did I do that? Where the hell did that come from? HOW DID I DO THAT?! Crazy questions to ask because you’re sure you did it, and somewhere you have a picture of you doing it. But its easy to forget the actual thing, never mind the details. WRITE IT DOWN. Take this time to write it all down. What you did, how you did it, where it was, when it was and how awesome it was. Make yourself proud. I know that sounds silly but really if you don’t write it down it really will fade away. Don’t lose the memory that’s worth more than money. GET IT WRITTEN DOWN.

Sleep cos you’ve got shit loads of time

Why the hell not? Flying is quick but it can also be damn slow if you’re traveling long haul. 12 hour flight, non stop, anyone? So try and get some shuteye. Find it hard to sleep on a plane? Then have a drink, or two, or five. Whatever it takes. Use this time to get some sleep. Often people say don’t sleep it ruins your body clock! It might do, so do what you want. These are my tips, shit I actually do when I fly. So i tend to sleep. I use the time to often get back up to speed with REAL SLEEP. I sleep and then when i get there I’m ready. Unless its the middle of the night, then I’ll sleep some more.

The important takeaway about this blog post is that you do what you want. Haha. I know this is top tips, and that’s why you’ve most likely landed here on my website. But still, you really should do what you want. Read and then take what you find usual. Add to your uniqueness. That’s whats most important. Sleep on a plane doesn’t work for you? GREAT. You don’t have to do everything. Just take what’s useful and get rid of the rest. Bruce Lee said it the best…



‘Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own’ Bruce Lee

Not only did he kick arse, but he had some kick arse thoughts that Mr. Lee. So take that in because its important. He’s not saying do this and do that. Its not that black and white in real life.

So take what’s useful from this article and add that’s your own. Make your plane journeys better. Because at the end of the day, don’t waste that time, its the journey that counts, in life and in general when you’re flying. Keep that in mind. Its the journey that matters, not the destination.

Agree? Disagree? In the middle? GOOD! Bang a comment below.


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