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Five Amazing Road Trips to Take in Scotland

If you’re looking to travel out into the great wide open for the road trip of a lifetime, there’s nowhere better place than the vast landscapes of Scotland.

From the historic majesty of St Andrews to the peaks and falls of the highlands, this country has something for everyone. Below, we take a look at five amazing road trips to take in Scotland to help you find the adventure that’s right for you.

Glasgow to the Scottish Highlands 

If you’re the adventurous type, a road trip to the Scottish Highlands will provide you with a panoramic view of the stunning landscape. The glacial mountains and the surrounding hillside with provide you with ample photo opportunities. You can even take a trip to Loch Ness to check out the spot where the mythical “Loch Ness Monster” is said to dwell.

When you hop back into your car, you can travel through the country lanes to get a mobile perspective as well. A road trip to the Scottish Highlands is a great way to get off the beaten track and enjoy nature at its finest. On your journey down, it’s a good idea to start off in Glasgow before heading towards Loch Lomond, one of the most picturesque lakes in the world.  

Thurso to Orkney

If you’re looking for an island road trip, Orkney is the place for you. A car ferry from Thurso to Sromness will set you off on your journey into the winding roads of mainland Orkney. Throughout your journey, you’ll be provided with stunning views of the surrounding cliffs and Greenland. At this point in your journey, you’ll be able to enjoy visiting Orkney’s famous harbor.

In general the roads are quiet, but it can be extremely windy so it’s important to drive carefully in order to get the most out of your trip. You can then travel up to Skara Brae to see the Neolithic settlement located on the west coast of the mainland. To finish up, drive down to the southwest to Stomness, where you’ll be able to experience a town beaming with character and traditional cafes. To cap off your trip, treat yourself to some famous Orkney crab.

Ayr to turnberry (Ayrshire)

As one of the more historical road trips on this list, Ayr to Turnberry has more than enough to keep you entertained. South along the A719 you’ll encounter the hometown of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish Bard. Next you’ll want to carry on to Croy Brae. Croy Brae’s magnificence is such that you appear to be going uphill when travelling down!

To continue the historical trip, make a stop at Culzean Castle and the Country Park, so you can look around the location where Dwight Eisenhower owned an apartment during WWII. To finish off your trip, travel down to Turnberry for a round of golf accompanied by the coastal view of a lifetime.

Glenelg to Skye 

A trip from Glenelg to Skye will take you across the only manually operated turntable ferry in Scotland and expose you to some fantastic scenic views.

On the way down to Glenelg, drive to the Kylehea Straits, where can look for the native otters. If you don’t get lucky with the otters, then you should be able to see grey and common seals along the shoreline. If you’re looking to add a touch of history to your journey, a visit to Dunvegan Castle can be a great way to round off your trip.

Edinburgh to St ANDREWS 

As one of the most famous road trips on this list, Edinburgh to St Andrews is an absolute must see if you’re looking for a complete experience of Scotland. Set out from Edinburgh towards to Forth Road Bridge and into the Kingdom of Fife. When travelling down the roads on the east coast you’ll be struggling to keep your eyes on the road with the fantastic sights around you.

Before carrying on to St Andrews, it’s advisable to take a stop for some traditional fish and chips in the small village of Anstruther. Once you reach St Andrews you’ll be exposed to some of the finest religious sites in medieval Europe.

There’s a cathedral and castle for you to immerse yourself in, and once you’ve finished, you can take up a round of golf on the internally renowned Old Course (St Andrews isn’t called the ‘Home of Golf’ for nothing!). There’s a good reason why Edinburgh to St Andrews is one of one of the most famous routes in the world!

Scotland: One of the Best Road Trip Destinations in the World

For road trips and epic journeys, Scotland is one of the best-kept secrets in the world.

There’s nothing like the blend of crisp mountaintops, historic castles and vast landscapes of greenery that characterize this amazing country. Travelling down the winding roads of the Scottish Highlands is an absolute must.  You might have to be a little careful on the more treacherous roads but you’ll definitely be able to snap amazing photos to take home.

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Five Amazing Road Trips to Take in Scotland | Guest Post
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