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Feel the Melbourne Vibes

Did you know that Melbourne was originally supposed to be called Batmania? Sadly, this was entirely unrelated to Batman, the superhero, and seems to have been one of the potential names to honour one of the Melbourne founders – John Batman.

That aside, this city still feels like the perfect urban metropolis with its blend of modern, lively entertainment and cheerful, friendly residents. Are you considering a trip to Australia? Melbourne should definitely be one of your stops, because there’s just no way not to have a ton of fun here. And we’ve even got a little guide of interesting places to visit right here!

Horse races

The Melbourne Cup starts in November and this is the perfect form of family entertainment. Part of the Spring Racing Carnival, it’s their annual thoroughbred horse race, and it has a long tradition that dates back to the 1861. If you’ve never seen a race, this is a real joy to watch, and gourmet food and booze are usually served, so there’ll be treats all around.

Fashion and festivals


Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

The best thing about Melbourne is that, regardless of when you visit, there’s bound to be a fun festival going on. The Fashion Festival is one of the most exclusive events that celebrates beauty and style, and is a must for any fashion lover.

The International Jazz Festival and Good Food and Wine show are good choices as well, and so is the Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Shopping extravaganza


Photo by louis amal on Unsplash

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Find both elegant and vintage clothes along the Chapel Street and Greville Street, and make sure to check out the local fashion. You’ll see so many women in casually stylish clothes walking around, almost serving as an inspiration for a big shopping spree.

Another excellent place to visit is the 670 Chapel Mall, especially if you want good food, trendy garments, and great entertainment all around.

Best bars around

What better way to meet the locals and make some new friends than by grabbing a few beers at some of Melbourne’s bars, like Whiskey & Alement, Loretta’s, and Boilermaker House. Try a new brand of whiskey, chat with the bartenders, and simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Even better coffee


Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

Melbourne is where the best coffee in Australia comes from, and there’s a strong culture related to this drink that makes it a paradise for anyone who lives on caffeine. Hot, cold, sweetened, with chocolate, pure black – whatever your taste is, you’ll be happy in one of Melbourne’s coffee shops. Brothers Baba Buden and Industry Beans are some of the best places to visit. There’s also a tour dedicated to introducing you to the cafe culture.  

Excellent food

From restaurants to pizzerias, there are places any gourmet will find home if they wander around a bit. High-class places like Vue de Monde will make you feel extravagant, but there are cheap eats around the Queen Victoria Market. One of the largest open markets in the world, the architecture and the vibrancy of it will leave you breathless. Be sure to check it out for good food, souvenirs and to get a good feel of the atmosphere.

Outdoor adventures for nature lovers


Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash

Miss seeing more greenery around you? Melbourne’s countryside is absolutely gorgeous, and there are plenty of lovely beaches to enjoy in case you want to take a dip. Beautiful vineyards and farms, excursions to the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island, hiking opportunities, and Australian animals all make for an enjoyable visit.

Go Visit!

Visiting Melbourne can be one of the best adventures of your life if you like a little bit of everything mixed together in a fast-paced, joyful city that appreciates its own culture and loves having friendly foreigners roaming its streets.

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Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. Claire is an editor and contributor of several online magazines, and is very proud to be part of an international Dolce Placard team as a fashion editor. Follow Claire on Twitter

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