So whenever I see recommendation lists, especially for hostels I find it really difficult because let’s face it, you will love or HATE the hostel depending on what you’re actually looking for!

Looking for a nice, relaxing, family based hostel? Then this is for you, however if you want the loud music, meeting people from all over the world, party around the clock hostel then this is the one for you!

Though, i came across 20 Epic Hostels To Stay At and the list is pretty damn good regarding choosing some top notch hostels. So, all in all a good start for you to research.

My advice is do what I did and only book 2 or 3 nights and that way you can easily escape the mess you’ve put yourself in – either way too boring or wayyyyyyy to messy.

My Changes To The List

From my personal experiences, looking at the list I’d recommend Downtown Hostel over Mad Monkey, having actually stayed at both during my time in Siem Reap. In Bangkok it just HAS to be Bodega – especially if you want to meet cool people and party almost any night off the week! In Peru and Bolivia I’d suggest choosing the Irish themed Hostels “WILD ROVER” over the Loki ones – not a lot to choose from for each but from what I experienced in the land of the Irish, if you want to meet people and party its the place to be!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the list, where did you stay that was COOL AS FARK? Hit it up in the comments below to help inspire others to travel!


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