Backpacking Europe on the Cheap

Backpacking Europe on the Cheap Everyone wants to do it right? Some people think you have to be “lucky” or some other excuse of why it’s not possible for them to travel the world. Now I’ve done it I really think it’s the best thing you can ever do, explore, experience and enjoy every waking […]

Review: Rat & Ratchet Brewery Huddersfield

Rat & Ratchet Brewery Huddersfield A couple of weekends back I visited the Rat & Ratchet Brewery located in Huddersfield. An Ossett brewery in West Yorkshire. Excellent micro brewery, with a large selection of ales on offer. We wanted to try the pie’s too, which were all sold out – on a Saturday afternoon mind you (!) but […]

Dublin Ireland Adventures

So I have been adventuring in Dublin Ireland a couple of weeks back AND my BRAND NEW GoPro was on hand to capture all the bits I totally forgot about – If you have not visited Dublin, the Guinness has a very good job of erasing your memory that is for sure! I LOVED Dublin. […]