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It’s one of those questions everyone seems to have!

How can I make money while I travel the world?!

Like really, how?!

This is what this blog post will be about, you lucky devils you!

So sit back in your favorite easy chair, or crack open a beer on some tropical island and enjoy entertaining ways to make money while you travel the world!


Sandboarding & sun set at the “Desert Oasis” located in Huacachina, Peru

Start your own Blog /  Website

Is it really possible to have a blog in 2017 and make money for it?


But it comes with a catch.

You must, must, like super really, be interested in it.

By that I mean that writing is your passion. PASSION.

Cos that’s what is needed for you to actually make money.


Mixed with a healthy amount of desire, patience and online research.

Do it for the passion of wanting to talk about traveling, and do it with real passion. Or any other niche topic you’re interested in, passionately.

Its possible to make a healthy amount of money with a blog in 2017 while you travel the world!

And lets face it, if you record your travel around the world in images, video and storytelling. Even if you don’t make any money right now, this moment, well its memories that one way you will thank your lucky stars you have.

On that I can guarantee.

And on that I can say, perhaps thats even better than money….

Start your own Podcast


Joe Rogan Experience, one of my all time fave podcasts!

Very similar to starting your own blog. But with a twist!

Instead of using your fingers and bashing out quality, valuable blog posts, why not talk about it instead?!

That’s a podcast!

Perhaps involve others people you come across on your journey?

Let’s face it, we’ve all met some characters while we’ve traveled the world!

It’s still hard, hard, hard work!

But it’s still possible in 2017 to run a successful podcast and eventually make money from it!

As long as you come at it with the idea that you want to share value with people, on a subject you’re super passionate about.


Then money will eventually come.

Some of my all time faves, are Tim Ferris (4 hour work week), and Joe Rogan Experience (UFC commentator and comedian).

Check them out for valuable info on how successful people kill it, and if you want to find out about interesting people and generally want to laugh your face off!

What are you super passionate about that you could share with the world?

Online Casinos

Making money from playing online casino games? Well yes.

Yes indeed! And it can be real fun too!

And that’s what we are after isn’t it?

Us travelers….

We are after fun, entertainment, excitement.

So, why not have a go with an online casino or play and win real money online?

It’s a risk, of course. Like all betting.

But its fun too. And you can make money from it.

Just you know, be careful with this one!

Online Poker

Less risky than online casinos is online poker.

Well that’s if you actually know how to play!

I remember in University and some mates of mine had magic new flat screen TV’s!

Yes this was like 10 years ago now!

So, kinda big deal back then!

“Where’s ya TV come from mate?” and “Whats that a new Xbox?!”

Turns out Poker is big business online.

Find out how to play, start small and smart and see what happens.

Its all about entering the tournaments, that’s the real big money.

Again its fun too!

So why not give it a go and see if you can make some money playing poker online while you travel the world?!

Work in a hostel

By work, I really mean volunteer and get your food, accommodation and often a couple of drinks on the house!

Which isn’t too bad really as let’s face it, those three account for where your money goes when you travel the world!

Plus, if you like the party hostels, I don’t see anywhere else in the world where you can get paid to actually party!

Paid to inspire fellow travelers to have a jolly good time!!

Awesome, I’ve sold myself!

Final Thoughts

Be creative!

That’s what its all about when you travel the world!

Look what others are doing for inspiration.

Is it selling tickets to bar crawls? To special events? Running a successful online blog or podcast?

Use your passion, your imagination and who knows what is possible!

This was entertaining ways to make money while you travel the world!

How do you make money while you travel the world? Hit up the comments below and inspire others!

Entertaining Ways To Make Money While You Travel The World
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Entertaining Ways To Make Money While You Travel The World
Entertaining Ways To Make Money While You Travel The World. Check out my many, entertaining ways that you can make an income while you're traveling the world!
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