So I was torn. Do I really NEED to buy a new notebook to take with me traveling the world? After all, I am traveling to see the world not do what I did before and just get stuck in non-reality.

I did a number of Google searches to see what other travelers thought. It was universal, no one really had an answer! So it was done to me to decide if I really did need one….decisions, decisions!

I went for it in the end. Ya know, cos I am awesome and all that.

Why I decided I needed a laptop whilst I traveled? A couple of key reasons really…

  • I wanted to start my own travel and things I was interested in website (com) and update it on the go, easily and effectively
  • I wanted to have access to the internet – find out where best to go next, find out the best “party” hostels that I wanted to stay at, search for “things to do” in X city, upload your pics to another storage device so no loosing (!) and keep up with friends and family back home. Yeah, smartphones are great but sometimes you just need a REAL laptop
  • Something to do whilst traveling – worst part of traveling is the actual distances to new places (!) so having a laptop you could write new blog posts, watch movies or play Football Manager was dope

Having realised I really did want to take a notebook with me travelling I had to decide on what type of notebook would be useful.

So size was one of the keys, and the price after all I wanted a notebook that would actually bloody work but also one that was cheap enough that I would not be pissed if it went missing. Different to find but I was determined to do so. In terms of size it was the screen as I knew I needed a full keyword (for blogging, no keyword or small keyword can be such a pain in the arse) so it was more screen size. I took a look at PC World and decided that 11.6 Inch was enough for what I wanted it to do – do not worry, I know sounds small but you sure do get used to it (my at home laptop now looks HUGE!).

So, I cracked on with researching and I choose an awesome notebook in the end and be amazed, its actually survived the full six months trip! What did I choose? Read my review of the notebook I choose to take with me traveling the world.

Did you choose to take a notebook laptop with you whilst traveling the world? Or prefer to get away from technology as much as possible? 



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