I’ve done it! I’ve booked the next chapter of my life. I’m going to Thailand in little under six weeks!

It’s been two weeks since my last Vlog update and how time flies! And has a lot happened? Well not all that much within the last two to three weeks if i’m been honest, which has meant that I’ve done a lack of VLogs. That is why I’ve pulled the last two weeks into one article for easy reading! More VLogs will be coming once I begin my trip in October so watch this space!

Before we get to Dan’s VLogs lets take a look at…..

Things I’ve being pondering

The meaning of life / purpose of the universe! This piece really hit home on this front. Isn’t it just the way life is meant to be, when you’re looking for something it jumps out at you? This was shared across Twitter by @JoeRogan and is well worth a read!


Things I’ve watched

I’ve got Netflix, which after the first free month, i’ve carried on with the one screen option. Its less than a tenner a month, which is a good deal especially if you enjoy Star Trek as much as me, with all the series and films is a win!

I love a good documentary, and have watched the following in the past couple of weeks….


Opens up your eyes, well worth a watch….

A documentary that’s really made me think about the things i’m putting into my body. The food, the drinks and how its damaging me, my mind and body. And, how our society rewards us for eating / drinking these things. I think its only a matter of time before people start to think, and think this is enough!


If you’re looking for what is happiness to people around the world…

Another doc I’ve recently watched. I find it fascinating of how different people from around the world live (actually live!), and what makes people happy. I found it in South America where people didn’t have the things that we consider in the west to make you happy like the big house or fast cars but have family, and content with life, and most of all are experiencing happiness day in day out. Are we in the west looking for happiness in the wrong place?

An Idiot Abroad

So very, very funny…

In the mood for a barrel of laughs? If you’ve not seen the series An idiot Abroad and have a sense a humour you’re in for a right treat! Karl, an everyday person, who has no intention or need to travel the world is sent by his famous friend Ricky Gervais around the world. Not to enjoy himself but to hate every last minute. It really works as a comedy series and i especially like it as it reminds me of some of the places I’ve visited around the world and LOVE. Its a series you can enjoy over and over again. And, throughout the series you can see what impact, positive impact travel has on Karl….

Full series available from Amazon.com and his latest series The Moaning Of Life

What I’ve been reading / listening to

I have plenty of time traveling to and from my current job, so plenty of time to read but something I have to keep reminding myself to do!

A very short book but a book on four ways to live your life, some what secrets that I find people in the west have all but forgotten about. Its worth a ready and can be purchased from Amazon.com for less than a tenner.

I’ve been listening to the following podcast on one of the earliest books on Marketing

Click to give it a listen. Its based on a reading of the famous book by Edward Bernays “Propaganda” . I love everything to do with marketing and this is the book if its your thing too. This video series goes into depth and the podcast author adds his thoughts which works well. I’m about half way through and i’d recommend giving it a go!

Week 2 & 3

All my videos are available on my YouTube channel. If you want to keep up to date with things I’m doing, places I am and VLog then subscribe on my channel here! I’d really appreciate it!

Dan’s VLog #6 | #230816 | England #iamdanelson

Dan’s VLog #7 | #280816 | England #iamdanelson

Dan’s VLog #8 | #290816 | England #iamdanelson

Week 2 & 3 Summary

That’s it! Two whole weeks have gone by! I’ve done a lot in moving forward to the next chapter in my life which is to quit my 9 to 5 job (again!) and travel the world! This time on one of the cheapest long haul flights i’ve ever booked (thanks cheapflights.co.uk) and then end up living and working in the land down under, Australia.

As you can see in my latest VLogs i’m super excited about this next chapter in my life and its just under two months away. I CAN NOT WAIT!

Did you miss the first week of Dan’s VLog, then check it out here

What has your week been like? What have you been up to? What have you been reading / watching / listening to? Please share your thoughts below!



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