Dan’s VLog Week 1 | #210816 | England

Dan’s VLog Week 1

Its been a full week since I launched Dan’s VLog – you can read all about the launch last week here. This is an update on the last week.

I think its going to work better if I post Dan’s VLog to my YouTube channel when i’ve shot updates rather than uploading everyday to iamdanelson.com and record a update every week or so. This is like myself an ongoing journey, a journey to get better each and every time!

Number of reasons why i wanted to do a Dan’s VLog /  journal / vblog, however its apparent that at the moment its all very similar. The daily grind. One thing that I have learnt in only a week of filming is that my life is very much the same, day in, day out. And i don’t feel like i’m getting better, current lack of purpose, so its a very good thing that 4th October isn’t all that far away! My next journey in life but thats for another blog post…..

Week 1 Review – Dan’s VLog #5 | #210816 | England #iamdanelson

Lets take a look at this week’s Dan’s logs below

Dan’s VLog #1 | #130816 | England #iamdanelson

Dan’s VLog #2 | #140816 | England #iamdanelson

Dan’s VLog #3 | #160816 | England #iamdanelson

Dan’s VLog #4 | #170816 | England #iamdanelson

Products Featured on Dan’s VLog Week 1

All these products were mentioned on this week’s Dan’s VLog. I was not sponsored or asked to feature these, all these products were mentioned in general conversation as these are products I was using / purchased during the week. These are all available from Amazon.com (where I purchased them!) and are shown below as affiliate links, meaning if you click on these links and you want to purchase them too, using my clicks to buy from Amazon.com results in a small bit of change for me for basically recommending them (thanks dudes!!).

Week 1 Summary

Thats week 1 of Dan’s log. I’m learning new stuff all the time about myself, VLog seems to be doing the trick. The current objective is to make this process a routine. routines often take 30 days to bed in so doing this for the next 30 days really should help me create the habit for when I’m travelling around the world, and for my time living and working in land down under.