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Within this post I will be talking about my next venture with my brother Damion Elson, which is a weekly podcast on all things Digital Marketing! 

My brother Damion Elson is the founder and owner of his own Digital Agency, working within Social Media and all the other display aspects that come with it. As we are both passionate and excited by the ever evolving digital landscape we have started our very own weekly podcast! Damion Elson Show with IAmDanElson – find us on YouTube!


The show will be based on our own personal experiences, Damion’s main focus is on growing businesses online, and myself, discussing and exploring my own experiences working in the world of Digital Agencies!

All very exciting as this will hopefully provide people with info to go out and do it yourself! We are both on a mission to help others lead the lives their want and what better way to give back than through a weekly podcast!

Lets get to the very first episode, filmed on Monday 6th March. 

What happens at my social media workshops? | EPISODE 1

In this first episode Damion and Dan discuss Social Media Workshops that Damion has been running for well over two years for small businesses within his local area. PLUS, we discuss email marketing, how it fits within the wider digital marketing mix and our own tips on how to get the very best out of marketing! Remember, its all about testing and learning, thats one of the best things about digital marketing!

Did you watch it all the way to the end? If so, sorry (!), my internet connection in Australia died! ARGHHHHH So a sudden ending to episode 1 however I hope it provides you with key info for your online projects! Or just entertaining! 

Podcast Information

Best to check out Damion Elson Facebook page for all the details for our next podcast! We will try to record each and every Monday! Listen and watch LIVE on Facebook!

Got suggestions on topics you would like us to cover? Want to be featured on the show? AWESOME, head over to my Contact Me page and fire over a email



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