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Common Myths About Travelling To Asia

Asia is a massive continent and one that makes an excellent travel destination.

From China to Japan, Thailand to India, there are so many different cultures to explore and experiences to enjoy.

But many people are persuaded out of travelling to Asia because they’ve heard that it’s difficult or even dangerous to get around there.

Here we debunk a few common myths about travelling to Asia:

You Need to Know the Language

If you needed to know the language to travel around Asia, you’d find it pretty tricky.

The language and even the alphabet changes from country to country and, wherever you find yourself, you won’t find many similarities with English. However, you don’t need to know the language of each country you visit to get an incredible experience.

Many people across Asia speak English well enough for you to communicate with each other. What’s more, they’re generally very friendly and patient. And if you are planning to venture into less touristy areas, pointing to sentences in a phrase book can often get you by whilst a translation app can prove invaluable as you try to decipher a menu!

You Should Avoid Street Food

Street food is a huge part of the culture in many Asian countries. But it’s one that many tourists avoid for fear of tummy bugs and sickness.

Of course, some stalls are better (and cleaner) than others.

But if you choose wisely, there’s no reason not to sample the street food delights of Asia. Pick a stall that has a crowd of locals gathered around it and check to see that food is being freshly cooked to order.

You Need to Book a Tour

Getting around in Asia is easier than you think.

Whilst transport infrastructure can be a little unreliable and less frequent than you’re used to, it’s easy to book your seat on a plane, train, boat or bus. Head to the local ticket office or book online with some companies.

In more touristy areas you’ll often find small tour operators that allow you to book daytrips whilst you’re away, rather than in advance from home. This means you’re likely to get better prices and plan as you go, making the most of the advice and recommendations you get along the way.

It’s Off the Beaten Track

Some parts of Asia are certainly a little way off the beaten track.

But you can no longer travel to the hotspots of Thailand expecting an authentic cultural experience. Tourism is big business across the continent. This means that transport is good and facilities excellent for travellers.

But it also means that neighbourhoods and businesses are adapting for foreign tastes. If you’re looking for an easy holiday with a bit of cultural interest, stick to the tourist trails.

But if you want the challenge and the reward of discovering more authentic Asian life, find lesser known routes to explore.

You Can’t Visit in the Rainy Season

Many people plan their Asian adventure to avoid rainy season. However, they may be missing a trick.

Rainy season in this part of the world doesn’t mean it rains every day. Instead, you’re likely to get huge but short-lived downpours followed by periods of warm (and maybe even sunny) weather.

Accommodation and travel is often cheaper throughout the rainy season and it’s easier to explore a country’s sights when the sun isn’t baking down upon you too.

Asia is a rich and diverse continent offering plenty of sights, smells, sounds and experiences for a traveller. Wherever you choose to go, don’t trust everything you hear.

Travelling across Asia is often easier and safer than the myths would have you believe.

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Common Myths About Travelling To Asia | Guest Post
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Common Myths About Travelling To Asia | Guest Post
Common Myths About Travelling To Asia. Our guest blogger Camilla debunks common myths about traveling in Asia!
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