Celebrating Bruce Lee’s 75th Birthday with 10 Amazing Facts


The master, the legend, the father of modern martial arts, whatever you choose to call him, one of my hero’s would have turned 75th yesterday. That man Bruce Lee.

We all know him, about what he did and how he lived his short but very so impressive life. If not, watch this documentary based film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story right now.

10 Amazing Bruce Lee Facts

  • Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940. According to the Chinese zodiac, he was born in the hour and the year of the Dragon
  • Lee’s parents sent him to America since he once beat a ‘Triad’ member. His parents wanted him to live a safe life and wanted to stop his street fighting
  • In America, Lee dropped out of college and started his own martial arts school and taught Jun Fan Kung Fu, which was his own style
  • It was against the law to teach martial arts to people who do not have a Chinese origin. In 1964, Bruce Lee fought Wong Jack Man and according to the deal, if Lee lost, he would stop teaching Kung Fu to non-Chinese people
  • Bruce Lee was so fast that most of his films were made slower and were shot in a slower frame rate
  • Bruce Lee could injure his opponent with a blow from one inch
  • Bruce Lee could do push-ups on one hand’s thumb and index finger
  • In 1970, Bruce Lee injured his back and the doctors suggested him to discontinue Kung Fu. However, Bruce Lee, in order to prove the doctors wrong, recovered and became stronger and faster
  • Time magazine named Bruce Lee as one of the most influential people of the 20th century
  • In 2013, Bruce Lee was posthumously awarded the Asian Awards
  • Bruce Lee’s daily workout included 2,000 kicks, 5,000 punches, 200 leaning twists, 200 frog kicks, 100 sit up twists and 100 leg raises


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