REVIEW: Black Casio Watch

Looking for a new replicable cheap watch? Here is my review of a Black Casio Watch.


The Black Casio is a timeless classic for the everyday preppy dresser. These tend to come in at under a tenner, which is extremely good value for money. I went for the white face, but black face also looks just as good!

I have had my Casio for well over a year now, and even with wearing every day I can not see a difference in how it looks.

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful everyday watch, that suits all outfits, you have found what you are looking for with a Black Casio watch.

My Black Casio watch was purchased from, and is now available for under a FIVER. Yes, that is correct a five english pound – you will need to buy something else to qualify for Free UK Delivery!

This is what Amazon says:

  • Includes 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Water resistant to 10 meters
  • Protective Acrylic Dial Window
  • Invicta Swiss Quartz Movement

And just look at the reviews at amazon….

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I’m on my second one of these watches, the strap on the first one went after a few years so I just bought another watch.
This is a real classic, I love it – so simple and easy to read – it’s the only watch you’ll ever need.

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I have had a watch like this since 1985. The first one lasted 3 years on one battery. It is such a simple and elegant design, yet easy to read. I now have the third one, because I wanted Casio to replace a broken strap, but they send me a new one instead – free of charge! A great “timeless” design, simply stylish and functional. Just as nice for women!



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