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Love to party? Want to party but not sure where to visit? Thailand is your friend. This blog post will look into my own personal experiences of partying in Thailand. Its one hell of a place to party as its reasonably cheap for food and drink and has some of the best party places in the world! Whether you want the totally insane party such as the infamous Full Moon Party, a beach party or a city party, Thailand has it all and I’m here to tell you where!  This is Best Places To Party In Thailand!

Key Info

  • Country: Thailand
  • Location: Far East Asia
  • Places to Party: Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai
  • Price ranges: Staying in hostels is still fairly good value for money (apart from Full Moon time!), however beer / spirits are not as cheap as years gone by due to increased tourist interest especially holiday makers rather than backpackers. You’re looking at around £3 for a big Chang, with spirit and mixers around £4 (often big measures!) which is still reasonable but other countries can just be as fun and much cheaper to party 
  • Personal Ratings: Koh Phi Phi 5/5, Koh Phangan 4/5 & Chiang Mai 5/5

Why Thailand?


What you have heard about Thailand is true, in fact its DAMN TRUE. Its one hell of a place to visit if you want to party. In the south you have the islands, the two main party islands are Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phangan – home of the infamous Full Moon Party that is held each and every month on Haad Rin Beach! In the North, its cheaper and more chilled but you can still find one hell of a party at Chiang Mai! 

Koh Phi Phi


Getting my drink on, Christmas Day 2016

This place has to be one of my faves in the entire world for partying! You reach the island by boat from the mainland or one of the neighboring islands for around £20-£30, which take 3 or so hours, like the rest of South East Asia you tend to get there when you get there (sorry it tends to differ in busy months and have vastly increased from 2015 to 2016!). Its well worth it, Phi Phi has a small beach front where all the action takes place. During the day its calm, chilled beach where you can sit back and enjoy a Chang, however once its dark, thats the perfect time for you to get your drink on (that way you actually last the night!). The party on the beach is amazing, beach bar after beach bar is welcoming you with super loud music, dance stages and fire dancers doing some crazy arse things with sticks on fire! I LOVE IT and if you’re into your party so will you!

Party places that are located right on the beach are my all time faves! 

Things not to miss – Boat party (if you can justify the expense!), pool parties, hitting up the beach strip after dark & Thai Boxing ring bar where you can actually take part in a Thai Boxing match against other visitors to Koh Phi Phi! Not sure this is a good or bad thing but its entertaining to watch, the beers can be a little more expensive here as its free to get in but its a good place to start the night and if you do take part you get a bucket of “fun juice” lets call it that i’m sure does a good job in avoiding the pain you might have endured! Check out yid Xmas video of a pool party – Thailand-Phi-Phi-Pool-Party

Visiting over Christmas 2016 like I did was super busy but super fun! The hostels got booked up early so make sure to book a couple of weeks before otherwise you might find that the island is all booked up! I booked for 7 nights in a hostel on the beach which after a couple of heavy nights even got a little bit too much for me! So, maybe after a couple of nights go for a hostel thats set a little bit back to help with this. Pool parties, party boats and tons of people made it one hell of a Christmas to remember! Highly recommended, fellow party person! 

Visit around Christmas / New Year and you won’t be disappointed with the amount of partying thats happening! 

Where to stay?


Bar @ Blanco Hostel



Apache Hostel in 2015 – slightly changed now with a bar!

That’s an easy one! Either Blanco or Apache Hostels! Both offer reasonably priced dorm rooms, located right in the action on the beach, and offer a great, reasonably priced bar. I stayed at Blanco and Apache in 2015, and when I visited again in 2016 I choose Apache as it was a little quieter (needed after a couple of days partying) and you got a 4 person dorm room for the same price as 6 or 8 in Blanco. However, be warned this hostel has got in on the beach action and now has a bar – a bar thats blasts out music from dark to 2am or so, awesome first couple of days but some what mind draining after that….both can be booked on or the app.  

Koh Phangan

Home of the infamous monthly full moon party, Koh Phangan is a must. Just like Koh Phi Phi its around £20-£30 on a boat to the island from either mainland or neighboring islands. It took until my third visit to the island to actually experience the full moon party (lets not go there on the stories!) but it was well worth it. NYE 2017 was insane, totally insane – setting off fireworks and people getting burnt by them, thats insane!


The beach location of the famous Full Moon Party!

Go for NYE, go any month, its really a sight to see 50000+ people partying on a somewhat small beach – going totally nuts! But keep away from the cheap arse buckets, just think how do the locals manage to sell these for less than 7 eleven?! Just that answer should keep you well away from the buckets – I recommend making your own, and pre drink as its cheaper and safer! Just watch your bucket (or do my personal fave and mix your spirit into your coke bottle!). Oh and make sure to get there around 3 or 4 days before the full moon party, you don’t want to miss out on the Jungle Party or Waterfall Party, some say these are even more insane and I’d have to agree…

The pre parties are not to be missed – ensure to visit a couple of days ahead of the scheduled date for Full Moon!

Where to stay?

You’ve got two locations to stay at, half way between the pier you arrive at and the full moon party or actually in the town near Haad Rin beach. I’ve stayed at both and its hard to actually recommend one over the other! Both have advantages and disadvantages. 

Stay half way and you get a nice, some what over priced (around full moon party, but everywhere is) hostel such as Slumber Party Hostel (does have a couple of food places and bars in walking distance) which was nice to stay at but want you to stay for min 7 days which works out as crazy amount of money and is often too long if you’re just there for full moon and pre parties the two days before the big night. Be warned though to get to Haad Rin Beach the home of the full moon party will set you back 2 dollars each way, each time in a tuk tuk and you can’t walk it. Staying in the town near Haad Rin Beach comes with its own problems, often more expensive and you get total joke of hostels in terms of value for money and cleanliness – got super sick in mine and kind of ruined my full moon experience, I won’t name or shame the hostel here but checking or the app you will realise its hard to find a hostel you actually want to stay at (trust me I looked alot!!).

Finding a place to stay is half the battle in Koh Phangan, and expect to pay over the odds!



Slumber Party Hostel!

Chiang Mai

Who would have thought that you could find a party in North Thailand?! You sure can, right in the heart and on the way to the other famous places to visit in the North such as Pai and Chiang Rai is Chiang Mai and it has one hell of a party up its sleeve! Located in the heart of the town is a square of bars, visit around 9pm and you will be have a ball! Once it hits 12pm though everywhere shuts up shop, follow the crowd to the nightclub, pay in get a free drink or two and you’re well on your way to having a hell of a night out!

Head out earlier than normal (9ish) for Thailand as bars HAVE to shut at 12pm, however a couple of nightclubs party throughout the night so don’t worry! 


Happy Hour cocktails @ Brickhouse Hostel are a must before heading out!

Where to stay?


BrickHouse Hostel, Chiang Mai Thailand

Brickhouse hostel is your friend. Advertised as a 5 star hostel, its one of the nicest, cleanest and reasonably priced hostels in Chiang Mai AND it has a swimming pool which is uncommon up in the North! Loved staying here, the bar prices are reasonable (try the cocktails on happy hour), you get TV that shows football and a pool table, what more do you need to start your night? Highly recommend place to stay for those heading into North Thailand and Chiang Mai!

Brickhouse is hands down the best hostel to stay in Chiang Mai, highly recommended! 

No Bangkok?!

You may be thinking where is Bangkok? Well, yes and no on Bangkok from me. Yes you can have a party there, its crazy, and lots of insane things can happen however as a party place, I wouldn’t recommend it! I think the three above are far better, so try out Bangkok if you’re in the city for a night or two but don’t waste any longer here and head to one of these must visit party places in Thailand! 

Final Thoughts

From traveling Thailand in 2015 and 2016 these are my own personal experiences of the best places to party in Thailand. Thailand is no longer the cheapest place to party in South East Asia but it has some of the classic places to party such as the Full Moon Party, watching the fire dancers do they thing up and down the beach in Koh Phi Phi and experiencing a small time city in the north that offers a world of partying all in one square block! Thailand still has some gems left in it and if you’re looking to party get yourself over to Thailand and experience these three awesome party places – Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan & Chiang Mai! 

I want to hear from you! Do you have any thoughts on places to party in Thailand? Do you disagree? Have I missed anything? Hit up the comments section below! 




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