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You have landed here because you’re looking for the best hostels in Sydney, Australia. Well, that is almost impossible to find in Sydney! In Australia in fact! And I personally make it a habit of never using the word impossible, as nothing is ever impossible!

What I mean is that in Australia the hostels, well the hostels are not the best! I’ve visited countries in the 2nd and 3rd world, South America, the islands of Fiji and South East Asia and by god compared to Australian hostels you just can’t imagine! It can’t just be me, can it?!

So, if the hostels are so bad, what am i going to do about your search now that you’re here?! Well, my friend, I’m going to try to help you out. These really are the only hostels to bother staying in when you visit Sydney. Sit back and enjoy Best Hostels In Sydney, Australia. 

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Countdown Of The Best Hostels In Sydney

I’ve stayed in a lot, good and bad and I’m here to help you out. To help you only choose the best of a bad bunch! Well that is unfair actually because these are the goodies. Lets hit it!

The Pod Hostel


Whats good and bad bro?

Hands down the best hostel. Its up there with the very best I’ve stayed at!

Firstly, it’s not really a hostel, the only hostel things about it really are shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and dorms. You get a private curtain, super extra large comfy bed, light and power next to your bunk. It really doesn’t feel like you’re in a hostel!

Kitchen is rather small but with only 10 rooms and 8 people in each it never felt busy while I was staying there in April 2017. Super, super clean, owned and operated by Koreans made sure of that! Laundry was cheaper than most hostels and free powder was a nice touch. Oh and its right in the art of the action, CBD location is a win. Perfect for peace and quiet, oh and FREE WIFI. 

I loved it here, it really was a pleasure staying here, the only downside was that it was super busy, like booked up all the time – so book way in advance even in winter. Pick this place first in your hostel search in Sydney! 


Dorm rooms are just as you see here! Big lockers too!

Wake Up Hostel


Whats good and bad bro?

Its clean and tidy, super important to me. I always saw the cleaning staff cleaning the hallways, toilets and your room everyday, however in my 3 weeks of staying in the same room my bedding wasn’t cleaned ONCE, I’m not all happy about this. That is why I’ve said best of a bad bunch!

What else is good? Staff are friendly, the kitchen is big enough (does get WAY too busy at peak times), WIFI is free in lobby and only $10 per week with no data caps which is nice, the no data caps not paying for something that should be free – WIFI!

It has a bar / nightclub, “Side Bar” in the basement, 5 floors up and you can hear it rumbling, guess its good if you want a bar / nightclub next door, always got events on but I didn’t test the waters here. Looking to meet fellow hostel mate then it be a good place to hang out, the kitchen first where you can drink your own until 10PM (then it all shuts up, so no late night cooking yo!) and then head down to Side Bar. 

CBD location is always a plus, and right next to central station is even better for getting around – less than 5 mins walk. A good meeting people hostel. Good if you are here for short term, wanna get blasted and see things with other travelers. I‘d recommend staying here. 


Inside the dorm rooms!

Mad Monkey Hostel

Whats good and bad bro?

Don’t get excited it’s not part of the Mad Monkey chain of hostels found in Far East Asia – what a shame!

However, Mad Monkey Hostel Sydney does has some good features. Its clean, again, super important for me.R Dorm rooms were big enough, the beds were wooden and didn’t feel like you’d tip it over if you were too aggressive getting on the top bunk – always a plus. 

Its far out of the CBD, like 15 mins walk or so, up near Broadway shopping center – the highlight though is that the shopping center does have a Coles for your food shopping! The garden over the road is nice for a walk though! 

The kitchen / TV room was way too small for so many guests! Crazy small! Unusable small really, as other guests just tended to watch TV here and take up all the seats even when not eating – super annoying but fair enough.

Again, not the cheapest hostel in the world (welcome to Sydney!), no free WIFI and you didn’t get anything else within the price. Bad location if CBD is required and you don’t wanna walk ages to get to the action, no freebies, pay for WIFI, but the fact it was clean and friendly staff makes it a recommended hostel, especially in Sydney! I’d recommend staying here. 


Inside the dorm rooms!

Bounce Hostel


View From The Rooftop Kitchen!

Whats good and bad bro?

I didn’t think I would but I have! I have found the best hostel in Sydney!

The best hostel so far anyways, but its got real close to the levels you’re use to if you have traveled the likes of Far East Asia or South America. Its that good.

Its called Bounce Hostel, located right next door to Central station so CBD location is ideal if you wanna be close to the action and everything Sydney has to offer!

Why else makes it that damn good? FREE WIFI! Finally! And not only free in certain places, and with so much data and every man and his dog is on and its super slow. Its actually streaming a footy match good! Its that good! Massive kitchen and eating areas located on 4th floor (lift if ya lazy!) with a rooftop balcony! The likes you’d normally get in a high end bar or night club. Its super clean, day 1 and the toilets on my floor were cleaned 3 times! Air con in the rooms, massive open rooms AND a locker that fits all your stuff in, including your backpack! Swipe cards are needed to get everywhere too so super secure! 

I knew it! I’d find the best hostel in Sydney just before I’m due to move into an apartment! Sods law innit. Here it is though, its around the same price as I paid at the others above (through HostelWorld), however I’d suggest, especially if its low season like it is now in May to book direct as you will receive a discount on a week stay.

Its one hell of a hostel and really is the best I’ve stayed at in Sydney – so bravo Bounce! Its a shame I didn’t see you earlier!

Whats bad you’re asking? Its day 2 and i’m struggling to think of any. If it was busy then yeah kitchen could be a nightmare (same anywhere), 8 person room for a reasonable prices room which is annoying but still in line with the rest of the hostels mentioned here. Its hard to find the bad here!

Highly recommend staying here! This should be your go to hostel when staying in Sydney!  

Final Thoughts 

Generally I’d recommend sticking to the hostels on hostelworld.com / app that have well over 8 out of 10 ratings. This is super important. Yes, be prepared to pay over the odds, like £25+ per night. Why? Clean hostels are for the win, big style. You don’t get much for your money here in Sydney for a hostel but clean is number one on my list, and if should be on yours too. 

Start your search for The Pod, and do this well in advance of coming here. Pod has a website, its slow searching for rooms but gives you an idea when it’s actually got a bed! Ring them, its super easy over the phone that’s for sure. It’s a couple of pound more than Wake Up Hostel but its worth it in my opinion.

Wake Up Hostel should be your back up hostel, book on their website or through Hostelworld.com / app and you should receive free WIFI which is a nice touch but don’t expect anything else in with the high price (apart from free print outs!). Here you can book for weeks at a time and due to the size not really worry about extending if you need to.

Third choice is Mad Monkey, if you don’t mind a walk to the CBD, and a tiny kitchen (basically eating out all the time or you wanna fight to make food!) then Mad Monkey should be your next option. Clean, WIFI enabled and a nice garden located right opposite are all good points. 

Updated – 08.05.17: Forth choice, and after staying only one night (I will be booking more later today!) on 7th May 2017, is the best of the lot. I’ve had to update this blog post I’m that impressed with Bounce Hostel! Very little negatives and tons of pluses making this the best place to stay in Sydney! 

That is your lot. Four. I know amazing huh for such a massive city. All I gotta add is just be careful, I’ve been in some super poor hostels in Sydney. At the end of the day you only save a couple of quid and trust me it isn’t worth it. Book a clean hostel, and one with the best features (The Pod!) if you can then go down the order. That order again based on my recommendations, first hand recommendations that is! UPDATE: Bounce Hostel should be your first option just because its likley to be more hostel like in terms of atmosphere and its not always booked up like The Pod! 

  1. The Pod Hostel (Bounce is now number 1 recommended!)  
  2. Wake Up Hostel
  3. Mad Monkey Hostel

Thanks for reading folks and I do hope this helps you in your search for the best hostel in Sydney Australia! Have an awesome time here and enjoy your stay!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Am I fair? Any other hostels you’d recommend in Sydney? Comments below to help fellow people out! 


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