Before I went traveling back in 2015 i would have bloody loved a list like this! Yeah, thats big headed as I wrote this article, however all i found before i went traveling in June 2015 was the cheesy, clickbait articles such as “These websites will help you plan your trip”, “why not use these to plan your trip” “Top Travel apps” pushing shit you’d never use, ever and so on, shite, per shite.

This is what i actually used. Shit i found useful. Shit that you should indeed find useful too. You might not and thats ok, but i’ve designed this article not as a clickbait article but one thats useful to travel newbies. Yes, i’m talking to you. If you’re not a travel newbie and don’t know about these resources, wake the fark up dude and check them! Boom!

Awesome Travel Websites & Apps!



Believe it or or not i didn’t even know about this until it was mentioned by a couple of fellow backpackers! Its a nifty idea that is now MASSIVE. You can contact apartment owners and rent out for days or weeks or even months at a time. Pretty good idea, if you’re in a group of mates its even better. Does it beat Hostels? Well not for meeting friends but in a large city it might be more beneficial and you might have other reasons why its a good fit. Have i tried it? Not yet! However, here you go, have a travel discount of £25 when you first give it a shot and why not tell everyone how it went, bro?

Also available as an App, dude!


You’re laughing with this lifesaver. I booked all my flights on this. It allows you to do multi stops, choose a full month and it gives you an idea of the cheapest days cos lets face it thats what its all about – you want the cheapest flight right and you don’t really care about the stupid arse time or the long layovers…well up to a point! Its all about the journey remember, yo! Have a search now and find a cheap flight! 

Also available as an App, dude!


Come on if you haven’t heard of this site you’ve lost it, big style! Type any place in or tour or food place and you get info, from real people, well most of the time! Take it with a pinch of salt mind, i’m in the digital marketing business and know of paid for posts so as i’d always recommend if its too good to be true then it bloody well will be! I read up about Peru Hop  before i pulled the trigger with a £200+ ticket. I even joined in on the sharing community writing about my Peru Hop Trip you can check out here 

Also available as an App, dude!



Looking to meet fellow travelers? If you’re traveling solo or with your mates, either way this resource is a win. Easy sign up online or through the app, connect your debit card and you’re off to a flying start matey. Search options are great, i’d recommend sticking with over 85% rating and always read the reviews! Want party hostels (I bloody love!)? Then read reviews that mention this, please don’t ignore review, turn up and then write a bad review saying it was noisy and a party, you bloody knew it would be you were told by people over and over again! Rant over. I used this every time i booked a hostel, i’d recommend only booking a couple of days in a row then if its shite or not your cuppa tea you can just book, if it is, quickly get it booked before it fills up – which happened to me more than a couple of times – you live and learn,so you can have that tip for free bro!

Its best used as an App, bro!


Same crack as above. I didn’t use half as much, no reason why really both apps were just as easy to use and had (most of the time) the same hostels to choose from. Sometimes you got a hostel not showing on one cos it was “sold out” yet it could well be on the other! So chosen, on a awesome recommended hostel and can’t find it on HostelWorld, always give this one a go too! Plenty of reviews too, so again, choose the right hostel for you and don’t bad mouth if you’ve chosen the wrong one!

Its best used as an App, bro!


Awesome around the world and not just for the reasons you’re thinking (don’t get me wrong its awesome for that too!). You can meet friendly locals who want to meet up, practice English and in return show you awesome local shit you’d miss otherwise! Well worth getting on this and the paid version, for less than a tenner you’re gunna get your monies worth!


Again, like the above! Plenty of locals and friendly awesome people that wanna show you their city. Give it a roll!

Its best used as an App, bro!

Google Maps


You know this one. You SHOULD know this one. Always as an app. Finding your hostel is just the worst most of the time, hidden away somewhere when you’re tired from travel! Its part of the journey so expect it. But do make it easier, search for the journey by bus or walking from bus station or airport right to the door and printscreen it. You’ve got it now and it will make it a little less crap when you’re bloody knackered trying to find a hostel!


Yeah, was told about this along the way! Always you to use the map, live, when you’re even offline. A life saver so you don’t have to try and find a Macky D’s or Starbucks for the free WIFI to find out where the fark you’re!!

Its best used as an App, bro!

Google Translate

Yeah, get it downloaded. Its not 100% but I had a perfectly good convo with a Brazilian who couldn’t speak any English and we could actually communicate! Its worth it!

Its best used as an App, bro!



Don’t forget good old fashioned big G, Google Search and write it down doesn’t hurt! Its not cheating! Get it searched, spend a little time actually finding out the crack. I did this when trying to find out how you get over the border from Salta Northern Argentina to Bolivia. No one else who I met at the border had looked, so lucky for them I shared and we made it – it was bloody freezing so we had no time to mess around!

I’m sure i’m missing other super awesome, valuable Travel Resources! What do you ACTUALLY use whilst traveling? Comment below and help inspire others to travel!



Dan Elson
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Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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