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How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes on your Ski Holidays in America


Rookies Mistakes To Avoid!

If you’re embarking on your first skiing holiday in America, there’s a lot to learn. You have a whole load of new kit to get to grips with and the rules of skiing etiquette to content with too. You’re sure to make some mistakes as a skiing rookie. However, here are a few ways to avoid making too many:

Familiarise Yourself With Your Kit

Just getting your boots in and out of your skis can be a challenge for a new skier. You don’t want to do this for the first time without assistance when you’ve fallen halfway down the piste.

Practise taking your skis on and off and familiarise yourself with any other kit before you head onto the chair lift.

Don’t Panic At the Chair Lift

Chair lifts move slowly around the bend as they are picking people up. If you panic you’re likely to get into a tangle of skis and poles and get knocked down.

However, there’s nothing to worry about. Staying calm when getting on and off the chair lift is the only thing you need to remember for a safe and easy chair lift experience.

Hold onto your Belongings on the Chair Lift

Don’t be tempted to hit your skis together to clear the snow from them whilst on the chair lift. You could easily click one of your skis off and have to watch it fall into the deep snow below.

Equally, avoid checking your phone, fiddling with your goggles or taking your gloves on or off. Anything that falls off the chair lift is going to be seriously difficult to retrieve.

Don’t Forget Sun Cream

Yes, it’s cold and you’ll need to wrap up warm.

But skiing in clear conditions, the sun can be incredibly strong too. You might not realise just how hot the sun is so be sure to put on sun cream to protect your face and prevent you from developing those embarrassing white “panda eyes”.

Sign Up to A Ski School

You may have a cousin/aunt/friend who has been skiing all their lives and is confident they can show you the basics. Whilst they’re probably more than qualified, they are unlikely to remember exactly what is like to be a beginner and may not have the patience of a trained teacher.

Sign up to a dedicated ski school for your first experiences on the slopes. That way you’ll learn on the nursery slopes and only progress to more advanced runs when you’re ready, rather than when you’re pressured by a friend or relative bored of the baby slopes.

Set Your Alarm

The best skiing conditions can be found in the early morning.

The slopes will have been prepared the night before and you may even be treated to a fresh sprinkling of snow. Skiers tend to aim for the first chair lift of the day in order to experience powdery snow and uncrowded slopes.

Maintain Good Spatial Awareness

You’re likely to share the slopes with hundreds of other skiers, all with varying abilities.

Be careful when stopping or taking a break halfway down a piste. Some skiers travel at an incredible speed and, unless you’re safely over to one side, you risk causing a dangerous collision. Be aware of who is around you and take care when slowing down or stopping.

When you’re learning skiing you’re sure to experience some spills as well as lots of thrills. Try to avoid these rookie mistakes and learn from any others you make. This will improve your skiing experience and that of those around you too.

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How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes on your Ski Holidays in America | Guest Post
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How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes on your Ski Holidays in America | Guest Post
How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes on your Ski Holidays in America. Our guest blogger Savannah Wardle talks you through rookie mistakes to avoid on your first or next Ski holiday!
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