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The immense land of Australia usually evokes images of tourist-packed sandy beaches and world-renowned sites such as the Sydney Opera House. However, there is much more that lies beyond the horizon; a real slice of Australia that often slips away from tourist maps.

You haven’t really got to know the soul of the Land Down Under until you visited an outback pub and felt the desert sand under your feet. Instead of the honking and murmur, you can hear the native animals and unspoiled nature humming.

So, ready to wander off the beate

n tracks and explore the pristine countryside?

The Australian Dream



Across the vast country, there is a slew of small, idyllic towns waiting to be discovered. One can come across rows of colorful mailboxes and open sheds sitting in the shade under the trees. The road signs alert you to the presence of koalas, and there are no busy crowds to spoil your peace and quiet.

Also, the good news is that there are various tours to the countryside offered. A particular one-day tour takes you to the Blue Mountains, a range that borders on Sydney’s metropolitan area. Despite this vicinity, it is worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of the city and gives you a completely different kind of experience. You can ride a horse though awe-inspiring scenery while kangaroos jump around.

There are also nice small farms if you are up for an overnight stay. Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes and dress in layers if you do this.

Gold and stone


Aboriginal canoe tree on the road from Goolwa to Clayton.


Let’s now take a look at some not-so-well-known options.

In South Australia, Goolwa is tucked away on the coastline and allures with a historic port and beautiful sandstone architecture. It sits right at the mouth of the River Murray, the country’s longest river, and has a population of about 2,200 souls. The coastal view is breathtaking, whether you are standing on a boardwalk or the sand dunes. Goolwa is also just 100 km from Adelaide, where you can try the best organic wine there is.

Have a physical map or one stored on your phone if you want to explore the surroundings.

Furthermore, Kalgoorlie is the epitome of a countryside mining town, but also one of those places that still retain a distinctive 19th century feel. The glory days of the Old West have never really passed here and traces of it can be found all around. The gold rush never came to a stop either, as the precious metal is still mined in the area. There is also a famous horseracing track for those who are into this sport.

So, you might want to bring riding gear along or rent some on the spot.

Full of joys of spring


A must see in Alice Springs!


If you feel the urge to head on an adventure deeper inland, don’t miss a chance to visit Alice Springs. Situated roughly at the geographic centre of the continent, it draws the adventurous types who want to immerse themselves in majestic landscapes of crimson gorges and desert vistas. The area around is known as the Red Centre – an arid environment that is home to three deserts. You can also stop by Uluru, an imposing sandstone rock that dominates the surrounding sea of flat bush.

Hiking and bushwalking with an aboriginal guide is the best way to get a feel of the eternal land. Just make sure to have a pair of quality Birkenstock shoes if you intend to walk a lot.

Finally, on the western coast, snuggled up by the Indian Ocean, lies the town of Broome. Its architecture echoes that of the mainland of China due to the proximity of Asia. Fishing pearls right from the sea is big around here, but even if you just want to soak up the sun on the beach, there are many stunning stretches of sand. Cable Beach is a special spot where one can break the waves or ride a camel, believe it or not.

Don’t forget to bring your bikini and sunscreen for this unique escapade.

You way or the byway

Getting ready to hit Australia for the first time or want a different kind of experience than the last? Then try to look beyond well-known iconic landscapes and booming metropolises. Uncover well-kept secrets and hidden gems that enthrall with their raw beauty.

Those who know where to look can roam around picturesque fishing villages, clusters of heritage buildings, traditional blacksmith shops, and meet modern-day pioneers. So, plan your great, primeval escape to the countryside and visit some of the many places off main tourist trails.

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