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This isn’t a show off post (alrite, it kind of is!). But it is to show how you can win some serious gear from just doing very simple things through social media – Retweet or Like anyone?!

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How did I win this time?


By entering a competition on Facebook! With just a like and a comment….Amazing huh?!


What did you have to do to enter?


After spotting a competition on Facebook where all one had to do was to “Like” the post and enter a quick comment!

I was asked the following question “Tag your wingman and tell us how he saved you on a night out!”. So, why not give it a go?! 

I tagged my wingman and fired in a great story from when i was 18 and visited Magaluf in Europe – its a party resort so you can just imagine the story!

A week or so later i see a Facebook message “And the winner is Dan! We will message you soon!”. AWESOME. I get a instant message saying fire your passport pic over to prove over 18 (as the prize was alcohol based!) and my address and BOOM my prize was on its way!


Come on Dan, What did you win?!

As a great one once said a picture paints a thousand words…..






Final Thoughts

Wanna know what I do? I look out for all types of competitions across Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook – search your fave brands, like them and keep my eyes peeled for competition posts! Generally all you have to do is click Like and enter a comment – as quick & as simple as that!

Twitter – Search for #win #fridaywin #competitions and get entering! Again, its normally a like or retweet that gets you entered!

Overall I look out for competitions that interest me (no point in trying to win baby products!) and for low entrants. See how many have liked and retweeted / commented, if its in the low amounts then its well worth entering. I keep away from the thousands mark just due to time but feel free to enter all of them just remember less entrants more chances of you winning!

Thanks Jameson Whiskey for the awesome gift! You’re now a true friend of !




Dan Elson
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
& Traveler of Worlds


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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