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Cruise trips are very expensive as compared to other travelling choices and not everyone has enough money to afford travel via cruises. Those who go for this option of travelling are the ones having a large amount of money in their bank accounts.

Not only the cruise or room of a cruise is costly, but the other luxuries and activities in it also charge a lot, so you can say it would be one huge amount that you have to pay out for your trip. People typically go for a cruise vacation, once or twice a year and at that time they spend money a lot more than they have had imagined. In this article, there are tips and tricks that will help you to save that extra costs and have a peaceful trip.

Top 8 Hacks to save money on a cruise trip

1. Online book for your cruise:

If you want to save some money, always prefer to book your cruise online rather than hiring a travel agent because he/she will cost you extra charges for his service. You would not have to pay the agent’s fees for his service if you chose to book the cruise online and do some research on it on your own after some planning. 

2. Accurate Research on the cruise:

Always do some detailed and accurate research on the cruise that you are about to hire and start your journey. Compare the prices difference of different cruises and select the most suitable one. Another tip is to book your cruise on the last moment if you do not have any idea about the preferences and your requirements are negotiable, so it can be possible that the cruise that you have selected demands a large amount of money and there is another one vacant with some lower rates.

3. Book a Cheap Cruise

Booking a cheap cruise is very easy and demands only one thing that is flexibility. Cruise rates are same as tour rates which mean the closer you get to the leaving date, the lower the price would be because cruise ships don’t want to leave with half-empty cabins, so they drop prices until that boat is leaving port.

You can also book before time but last minute bookings tend to be the best. As you are booking close to departure, you need to be flexible that either you can do all the packing on time or not.

4. Keep all-important things in mind while you pack:

Try to make a list of the things that are important to you while you are going for a cruise trip because it can be a bit difficult for you if you forget anything that is necessary and you would have to buy it on board which would be much expensive as compared to normal market rates. You should never forget your portable battery bank. Put it in your bag. It is possible that you will need some portable charger to charge your phone at a place where you do not have any electric services. In such cases, a battery bank is your only companion that will help you a lot.So, always be careful concerning your packing and start stuffing things almost a week before your trip.

5. Onboard Booking:

If you have a mind to travel again on a cruise for another trip then always hire your next cruise when you are on board because it can let you the advantage of some discounts and cutback in deposits on your current cruise. 

6. Take advantage of the packages:

Almost all the cruises provide different packages for those who are interested in travelling for a longer period, so try to take advantage of those packages as they can set aside a lot of your money.

7. Smaller is cheaper:

Small sized boats tend to be less costly because they present fewer facilities, services and attractions. But the main advantage is that they are cheaper, so you can make compromise on facilities and services if you want to save some money.

8. Cruise in the off season:

If you cruise in the off-season, there would be discounts so you would face less expenditure.

The above-mentioned hacks can help you save money while you also can enjoy an unforgettable cruise trip.

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Marry Jojo is a freelance writer and blogger. She also writes Best Power bank reviews.


8 Hacks to Save Money on a Cruise Trip | Guest Post
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