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8 Amazing Things to Do in Sydney


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Rest assured, whether you’re a visitor or a resident of this iconic city, it will not leave you without inspiration as to what to do and where to go to experience its vibrant soul. However, as I’m known to rave about the many travel-perfect cities in the Land of Down Under, it makes perfect sense that Sydney is next on my list of Australia’s must-see cities.

The following are simply some among many incredible adventures to embark upon in the city, and get a glimpse of its incredible culture. Let’s dive into some of Sydney’s most beloved foodie hubs, events and tours to check out during your travels!

Beach hopping


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Coastal walks are not just an over-glorified touristy thing, on the contrary, they are a unique way to get a more intimate insight into the local leisurely lifestyle. The Bondi to Coogee walk, for instance, will take you through some incredible scenery, and you’ll have the opportunity to dine in their beachside cafes, taste their healthy smoothies and hang out with the local surfers – of whom there are many!

A sky-high thrill-chase

Seeking an adrenaline-high and eager to test your boundaries? Well, Sydney doesn’t lack in opportunities to achieve the desired thrill, and one of the all-time favorites among the locals as well as visitors is to catch a bird’s-eye view via an exciting helicopter ride above Sydney Harbour. You can enjoy a truly unique experience and see the city through a completely different perspective, including its most popular sites such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Munch and brunch Aussie-style


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For Aussies, brunch is a special time of day they use to slow down, enjoy a healthy meal and sunshine, and spend some quality time with their friends. This almost cult-like tradition has led to many trendy cafes and restaurants sprouting up and serving delicious brunch meals. Think: fresh, local produce paired with exquisite cooking skills in the form of avocado toasts, veggie omelets, and creamy waffles to die for.

Shop your heart out

Sydney seamlessly manages to be a nature-loving spot and a high-end fashion hub at the same time, and as such, those who love to calm their shopping jitters can bask in many fashion-friendly nooks of the city. Get your Victoria’s Secret fix in the Queen Victoria Building in CBD, or join the Saturday morning farmer’s market in the Rocks for authentic hand-made souvenirs and artisan work.

Tie the knot


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Sometimes traveling this far across the globe requires a special occasion, and what better way to celebrate your love then to get hitched under the sunny Sydney skies? Luckily for newlyweds, the city is brimming with perfect wedding reception venues so you can celebrate your love alongside your friends and family who are happy to join you on your adventure.


If you’re visiting the city in the months from May to November, that is during Australian winter and spring, you can time your coastal walk or take a whale watching tour off the coast of Sydney to meet and greet the friendly giants of the ocean. This is one of those exhilarating experiences worthy of your bucket list, so prep your binoculars and find your seaside spot!

Treat your inner culture vulture


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As an art-friendly metropolis, Sydney boasts a wide range of incredible museums and art galleries that are perfect for those colder days of the year when the outdoor scene isn’t as appealing. Nature-buffs will love the Australian Museum, home to numerous animal and fossil collections, and a designated section to learn about the native Aboriginal culture.

Meet the underwater locals

Sydney takes adventure to a whole new level of exciting, so the bravest souls among you can even test their courage by plunging into the safe waters of a shark sanctuary and spend some quality time with these often-misunderstood creatures. But fear not, you’ll be surrounded by grey nurse sharks, sea turtles and various fish species, all of which are harmless, yet intimidating and beautiful at the same time. Did I mention that you’ll be cage-free for the duration of your dive?

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