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This blog post is all about sharing my experience of traveling the world over the last two years!

The mission of is to inspire more people to travel the world! With this in mind I wanted to give something of value to my readers in the form of my 57 traveling hacks by a traveling nomad – me, AKA IAmDanElson!

This blog post will provide a preview to my free PDF you can grab for FREE, yes FREE! All you have to do is enter your email address in the pop up (Don’t worry I’ll keep this all nice and save and NEVER EVERRRRR sell on) and bingo, your freebie will download automatically!

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57 Traveling Hacks by a Traveling Nomad

Whats included? How can it help me? What hacks are your giving out? Whats the score with it being free?

You’ve got lots of questions! I would have too!

I wanted to give something back and this is why I have put together a 57 Traveling Hacks by a Traveling Nomad PDF! 

These are all my fave traveling hacks I have learnt along the way! As with anything in life, travel is a skill, and the more you do, the more you learn!

Traveling the world is a skill and you do learn new things all the time!

For example, the first time I went traveling the world back in 2015, I had no idea what to pack, and then this time round, when I left in 2016, my backpack was lighter and had things I’d actually use and this was because I had the experience to be smarter this time round! 

This PDF will share what I’ve learnt along the way! Inspiring you to travel the world and enjoy a bunch of different experiences just like me!!


Day of the Dead event in Koh Rong Cambodia – Epic night!!


Watsons Bay In Sydney!


The home of the famous Full Moon Party in Thailand!


Arrive early for sunrise at Machu Picchu!


Potato Head Beach Bar Sunset – A Must See!


Beer vending machines in Japan! Yes Japan!!


The famous Tokyo toilets are real!


Golden Buddha located at the top of Tiger Temple in Chiang Mai Thailand!


Highlights of my FREE PDF 57 Traveling Hacks by a Traveling Nomad

To give you an idea of whats featured inside my free downloadable, I want to share with you a sneaky preview of some of my best hacks!

Before You Go

  • Make a list of countries / things you want to see before you leave
  • Then set saving goals – work out what you want to visit / see / do and set a monthly budget to achieve and work on it, make forward plans to do it (no excuses such as I can’t afford to do it! That’s just fear talking 🙂 )
  • Save more money than you think you need – just in case!
  • Try and pick similar countries to travel to, that way packing is so much easier! No fun taking a winter coat to visit a colder city for a couple of days on the way if you will be exploring 35degree plus countries for the rest of your trip! That big bulky coat in your backpack will become a pain! 
  • Going hiking or camping? No? No need for a sleeping bag, or a head torch! Buy along the way if you decide to do these activities – I’ve still got a mosquito net I bought back in 2015, never been used!

On Your Travels

  • Party Hotels are your friend – awesome to meet people, and really good fun!
  • Shorts with zip pockets are a must!
  • Flights can be easily purchased, even a day before you want to travel!
  • Uber is always your friend for cheaper taxis (In Bali local taxis were 3 times more expensive, WTF!)
  • Always backup photos / your phone – if the unspeakable happens and your phone goes walkies at least you have your photos and most important stuff saved!
  • As soon as you enter your dorm room say “Hi my name is X…”. Make friends right away! Easier ice breaker ever and you will be amazed where it can take you….
  • Be careful with alcohol – oh look that vodka energy drink bucket is cheaper than 7 eleven! That should be your first warning to stay WELL AWAY FROM THAT CHEAP ARSE BUCKET!

Thats’s it dude! Want more? Of course you do, these are all my personal traveling hacks from traveling the world over the last two years!

Grab my free PDF while you can! Who knows how long it will be free!!

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57 Traveling Hacks by a Traveling Nomad
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57 Traveling Hacks by a Traveling Nomad
57 Traveling Hacks by a Traveling Nomad. Looking for traveling hacks? Check out my FREE PDF, traveling hacks I've learnt over the past two years of travel!
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