Don’t you just hate it? Your phone dying. Its one of the worst feelings when you are traveling. So I’ve put together 5 top tips from across the universe to help you speed up charging of your phone because lets face it when traveling around the world you sometimes need to charge up as quickly as possible!

Use Plug Socket

I know I know, sometimes, and lets face it a lot of the time a plug socket just isn’t around. Worse still, we all know the electricity across the world doesn’t work like it does back home. Meaning charging can take longer, a lot longer! However, this is the fastest way to charge your phone so if you’ve got the choice always go for a plug socket!

Flight Mode

This is SUCH a handy thing to know. Want quicker charging? Easy, bang it on flight mode. I know, that means no calls or texts or use of internet but you shouldn’t be doing these things when charging (see next tip!). Flight mode turns off your phone signal and connection to the networks which means its not trying to access data, which for charging is a total drainer! So, bang it on flight mode and see the increase in battery charging!

Leave it ALONE!

Sometimes its difficult, or near impossible to leave your phone alone! I’ve heard many numbers knocking around like the amount of times the average person checked your phone in a hour or minute and its crazy but so true! But in the interests of charging your phone in the quickest way possible you must leave it to do its thing

Use the Official Charger

So you got a charger with your phone, however noticed that the vast majority of these, well when it comes to your chosen brand (Apple fanboys I’m looking at you) look the same? Well that’s because by law we’ve not got universal charging ports, the vast majority now with mini usb. Well, this wasn’t always the case you lucky young devils, it use to be a bloody NIGHTMARE! However, even though these do all look the same and are by looks the same, I’d advise to use the charger that came with your phone. Its likely to be newer and in my experience that matters. The newer the better, I don’t know if its been tested but by my uses over the last couple of years it tends to help charging quicker!

Don’t Let It Die

I’ll repeat don’t get it die! Your phone that is. If its got to start from 0 I.e turned off then it takes longer, often a lot longer to get going. So by all means if its near 10% do yourself and the phone a favour and either turn it off, or close all apps (the latest for Apple products is that this doesn’t work!), turn off your internet and anything else like GPS (a right battery killer!). Just do what you can do it doesn’t turn off! This really will help it fire the charging capability to the quickest possible!

HANDY TIP! Why not purchase a phone that’s often cheaper (a lot!) and has a larger battery in the first place? I always look at the battery capability before I hit purchase, the bigger the better. All you have to do is look at the latest iPhone and compare it to Ulefone Power 4G or Cubot H2 or ZUK Z1 Smartphone 4G – all come with 2+ DAYS worth of battery life. MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. So bare that in mind the next time you purchase a phone!


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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