5 Tips To Help A Hangover


Even if you are good at drinking (AKA drink too much and tolerance is higher than the average human) hangover is still a pain in the arse for the vast majority of us.

When you are traveling you tend to drink more than often due to the fact its available and its more the traveling culture to do so. That is not to say it is not super fun to do so and allows you to meet some super cool people along the way.

Even with its benefits of fun we all experience the dreaded hangover sooner or later and for some of us, more often than not!

I have used the power of Google to put together 5 Tips To Help A Hangover and do not worry these are not the usual “drink water in between drinks” and “do not drink as much you idiot” kind of tips, the more practice tips when traveling the world.

So sit back and enjoy, oh and let me know how “helpful” these really are…

Stick to one or two types of drinks

Drinking beer? Stick with it or after you are bored or too full then choose one other drink. Too many drink chooses just ends in super bad hangover, you know the score.

Drink a couple of liters of water when you are done

Once you get in, fire down some water, actually plenty of water. A couple of liters should do, this will get you all hydrated rather than waking up with dry mouth and a hangover.


Aspirin or ibuprofen can be a friend if it is really needed

I am no doctor so take at your own risk but some say these can help if you have a real bad hangover. Though it is suggested to keep well away from Acetaminophen, due to liver-damaging reactions with alcohol metabolites.

Do not drink cheap alcoholic EVER

We have all seen them when we are traveling. In Thailand, in Peru, everywhere really. These are totally fake knock offs of the real thing. Come on why else can these be sold cheaper than 7 11?! So keep well away, others a normal hangover can turn into something much more.

Just get BETTER at drinking

OK OK, this is a cop out but after months on the road it becomes clear that if you go without drinking for a long (ish) time then you just get crapper at drinking – period. Do not expect to drink the same amounts of pints if you have been off the booze for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks because your tolerance will go down and your head in the morning will not be happy with you!

Also, hitting the hard stuff such as Vodka, Whiskey and the like will really help you get that tolerance up! Hit up Amazon.com and order some discounted booze to help! Discounted bottles of spirits shipped to your house, ever read something so beautiful?!

Pro Tip: Don’t actually stop drinking, but expect the longer you delay the bigger the hangover!

So that is it, a couple, well four real fire ways to help with the morning after on the booze. My real tip is keep away from the super cheap fake versions, or the “free” shots because in the long run this is not only going to give you a hell of a morning but it is not worth it in the long run.

Any tips to add to the list? You will be helping out not just myself but your fellow man….



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