5 Reasons to Visit Cambodia

I bloody loved my time, just over four weeks in the awesome country of Cambodia in South East Asia!

Did I ever think in a million years I would visit Cambodia? No, not at all but my trip around the world these last five months has made me come to realise that I have done a lot of things, visited a lot of places I never thought I would and this sure was one of them.

Ever since my friend mentioned how cheap for booze Cambodia was I thought, a tiny thought it be good to visit but never did I think I would actually be there traveling and experiencing this awesome country.

5 Reasons to Visit Cambodia


  1. The People – are awesome, welcoming and generally speak a high degree of English which as you can imagine is rather useful and impressive!cambodia-people
  2. The Amazing Places – so many great places to visit and experience, Angkor Wat temples are a joy to seeangkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia
  3. The Hostels – Some of the most friendliest and welcoming hostels in all of South East Asia. Mad Monkey is a fave with a busy bar, cheap drinks and food and awesome atmosphere. Also, do not forget to check out Downtown Hostel Siem Reap – Chill and party all in one, its brill!downtown-siem-reap-hostel
  4. SihanoukVille – this place does get some hassle of been horrible and dodgy BUT and its a big but its one not to miss if you enjoy a good party. Only two late night bars on the beach but both pack a punch and with many drink offers on during the night and extra joss shots (not tried? Get involved for sure!) you are bound to have a very good night indeedextra-joss
  5. Siem Reap – I LOVED this little gem, a compact and small city, with tuc tuc’s offering two dollars trips to just about anywhere within your hostel its easy to get round, with awesome places to stay and meet new people such as Mad Monkey and Downtown Siem Reap, and a fun night life you are in for a treat – bar crawls run almost every night from each of these hostels, enjoy!pub-street-siem-reap-night

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