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5 Must-Visit Destinations in the U.S.A for Spring 2018

Fresh flowers, sunny skies and allergies all point to one thing: winter is over. When all of these things align you’ll want to have your spring vacation squared away. It can be difficult to find the perfect spring getaway destination.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of the top five must-visit destinations throughout the U.S. for your spring vacation.

New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is one of the top destinations you need to visit this spring. Although the Mardi Gras festival will be long over, the festivities sure won’t be!

This colorful and vibrant town is the ideal location to get out of your winter funk. You can stroll over to Jackson Square where you’ll see artists painting on the streets. Seeing artwork created live is sure to bring out your spring spirit!

Or you can head over to Bourbon Street where you’ll hear amazing jazz and blues musicians. But if you really want to see some nature after staying indoors for so long, it’s your lucky day. You can visit the Aquarium of the Americas or Audubon Zoo to see some extraordinary wildlife.

New Orleans is nothing short of a good time and you’ll be happy you went.

Nashville, Tennessee


The music city of the south will be a guaranteed adventure. Boring is not an adjective you’ll be using during a visit to Nashville.

You can spend your days listening to different country musicians in coffee shops and breweries. Or you can get tickets to the Grand Ole Opry to see some of the best country singers in the U.S. If you’re a true country music fan by heart, then be sure to check out the Country Music Hall of Fame during your stay. You’ll get to see the instruments and costumes your favorite musicians used on stage while learning about their origins.

On your last day stop by the famous Hatch Show Print to buy a personalized print. Or you can track down Amelia’s Flower Truck for beautifully fresh-cut flowers.

A trip to Nashville will leave you with amazing memories and a whole lot of country spirit.

Charlottesville, Virginia


Credit: Alex Proimos / Flickr

If you’re looking for clear skies and fresh air then Charlottesville is the place for you.

This quaint city is home to the University of Virginia and some of the most extraordinary mountains in Virginia. You can head to Carter Mountain for the sunrise or sunset to see skies filled with orange, purple and blues. Or you can visit one of the many wineries situated in the mountains and vineyards.

Charlottesville is known for its exceptional wineries, especially paired with its beautiful starry nights. If you plan accordingly you can catch one of these magical views on your visit. You’ll be able to pack a picnic with friends and sit under the sunset until the stars come up in the sky. Live musicians will play while you enjoy some of the best wine Charlottesville has to offer.

This city is the perfect place to visit for a real spring getaway.

Orlando, Florida

If you really want to feel the sun on your skin, there is no better place to visit than Orlando. The state that is always sunny will offer you the most amazing spring getaway.

In Orlando you can take a trip to the wonderful land of Disney World. Riding roller coasters and meeting Disney princesses will be the best way to bring you out of your winter slug.


But if you aren’t a big amusement park lover, rest assured that there is plenty to do in Orlando. You can visit one of the many museums such as the Orlando Museum of Art. Or you can try something out of the ordinary and pay a visit to Gatorland. You’ll get to see gator wrestling and snake shows.

Orlando has an endless supply of fun and exciting things to do, and will make for a successful vacation location.

San Diego, California


San Diego is the ideal vacation spot not only for the spring, but for all times of the year. You can always find perfect weather and a good time here.

You can check out Old Town San Diego where you’ll find an endless supply of tacos and Mexican culture. Afterwards, you’ll need to visit the famous San Diego Zoo. There you can take a zipline ride across the entire zoo for an aerial view. Then walk around and see all of the extraordinary animals such as the Giant Panda.

But the real people-grabber attraction is the handful of beaches that San Diego has to offer. You’ll be able to relax on the sand and get a nice tan or surf along the waves.


San Diego offers everything you’d want to do and is only a plane or train ride away.

If you want to have the most amazing spring vacation to get out of your winter rut, one of these five locations are prime spots for it. Which one will you choose?

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5 Must-Visit Destinations in the U.S.A for Spring 2018 | Guest Post
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