5 Interview Tips To Get The Job You Want

So, after travelling the world for six months it is time to get back to the real world. Luckily enough for me I love digital marketing so within my local area this is in abundance.

Here are my 5 interview tips to get the job you want for your next interview – do not worry these are universal practical tips that YOU can use in your next interview.

  1. Dress to fit the culture
  2. Be yourself
  3. Prepare well
  4. Ask questions but not for the sake of it!
  5. Ask “What is the next steps?” at the end

In interviews it is important to  dress well but with a thought for what fits the culture. It is not all about the suit and tie these days! Luckily enough for me I have worked in the digital industry before so I know that it is smart casual – jeans and collar / shirt. So I decided to go up a step due to the fact that I LOVE preppy fashion. So no jeans but Barbour  chinos, Jack Wills collar, Ralph Lauren jumper and Ben Sherman shoes. BOSSING IT. TOP TIP: Not sure what you should wear? It is always best to ask before the interview!

You need to be yourself. This is true in any situation in life. In interviews it is important to be yourself and not just put a “skit” on. Keep calm, do not panic and be yourself – true to the fact not everyone will like you but the ones that will like you will like you because you are true to your self. This will apply to the people interviewing you too.

Prepare well is just simple common sense but lets face it, who does? Research the company, ensure you actually want a job there. Read the blog, review the values and mission of the company to see if you fit. No one wants a job just for the sake of it, whatever that job might be, so ensure you are the right fit. Also, this involves ensuring you know what the position is, how you fit with it, and have stock answers with examples (and said with passion!) for such questions as:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Things you enjoyed in your last job
  • Why you want the job / work for the company
  • Impressive examples of what you did well at your last job, and what you did not do well at and how you improved

Your own questions are important, especially throughout the interview. If you have a question go ahead and ask it. If not, wait until the end and ask your own. Do be aware that this is an important part that the interviewer is looking for – does he actually want the job? Does he care? Has he been listening? So ensure you choose wisely. I normally go through a checklist in my head so for example if my first question is “what are the benefits if I joined X company” and this has already been mentioned earlier, I would still say it out loud and say we covered that before, showing that I have been paying attention and listening. Some of my favorite questions

  • Salary and benefits?
  • What is the culture like here?
  • How long have you worked for X company? Do you enjoy it?
  • What clients will I be working on?
  • How does personal development work in X company? 

So, once you have been asked “Do you have any questions” and covered what you needed to ask – even if it is a difficult one such as salary and benefits! This is the end. The interview is over but what next? I would recommend asking only five words “What are the next steps?”. That way you get to understand how the interview process works at X company (as it can differ!) and how you will find out about the job. Important to ensure that you are not left hanging!

To ensure your best chance of landing that dream job, these 5 interviews tips to get the job you want, should help in your quest!

Do you have any interview tips not mentioned above? I would LOVE to hear about them – please post below! 


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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