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Unlocking 5 most affordable destinations in Europe for backpacking

Be it the off-time from school as a student or the much-needed ‘me’ time that you decide to backpack across Europe, it is a fantastic idea. Traversing the continent, especially when you are young can be one of the most life changing experiences you can have in your life. To begin with, the continent is replete with culture and presents a plethora of attractions, both manmade and natural. And the best way to explore Europe is by backpacking.

While we are at that, the continent of Europe is not small to just start at a point thinking you’ll do it all, especially when on budget. One of the most important concerns in trip planning, especially the one like backpacking is the budget involved!

So, we’ve given a breakdown of the cheapest destinations in Europe perfect for backpacking:

Budapest, Hungary



Currency: Forints

Conversion rate as of 2017: 1 Forint = 0.0032 Euros

This Pars of East has bunch of things to do for free, making it a backpacker’s top favourite. Top attractions of the city like St. Stephen’s Basilica and Fisherman’s Bastion are absolutely free to visit. The historic city centre is pretty walkable and you can ditch any transport and explore the city’s highlights on foot. To save on public transport however, you can buy the 24 hours pass.

The city centre and green belt area have great options for a budget accommodation and for food the Great Market Hall (AKA Central Market Hall is your best bet! Save even more by eating at self-service restaurants, the street food is also a delectable affair that doesn’t hamper your budget!

Cheap pint of beer and amazing nightlife make Budapest a total winner!  

Krakow, Poland



Currency: Polish złoty

Conversion rate as of 2017: 1 Polish złoty = 0. 23 Euros

The best city to explore on a small budget, Krakow is a backpacker’s dream come true. You can survive easily on a small budget, thanks to the city’s ever accommodation cheap hostels, that are perhaps one of the finest in the entire continent.

There are plenty of museums that have free entry on particular days and for outdoor lovers, the flea markets are a great place to hang out, shop and eat! In summers, there are a lot of open air events and concerts that you can catch hold of!

To get around the city, the best and the cheapest way is to hire a bike and find your way in the beautiful streets of the city. Alternatively, you can walk around the city and explore everything on foot. Street food is a cheap option to save money on food, you can also the local farmer’s market Stary Kleparz to satiate your hunger, when in Krakow!

Dubrovnik, Croatia



Currency: Croatian Kuna

Conversion rate as of 2017: 1 Croatian Kuna = 0.13 Euros

This ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ gained more traction after it served as the shooting location for epic fantasy television series ‘Game of Thrones’. Before that, this Croatian capital maintained the status of a cheap European destination.

Today, although it is more popular than it was before, Dubrovnik continues to be one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. The highlight of the city, the ancient old town is totally free to enter and visit, to begin with. There are plenty of self-guided free walking tours that you can opt for. The striking coastline, another major attraction of the city which is totally free to visit.

Holiday apartments and Airbnbs are available at cheap and while eating and drinking at restaurants might be expensive, you can grab cheap beers from a grocery store and head to the seafront to enjoy meal with a few, on budget! Student ids go a long way for getting cheaper tickets for museums and other activities.

Naples, Italy



Currency: Euros

This beautiful city of southern Italy is replete with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and every nook and corner can surprise you with beautiful architecture. The city is perfect for backpacking because cheaply available accommodation and lip-smacking pizza. The bay of Naples, a prime attraction of the city that is also known for its wallpaper-perfect panorama and is absolutely free to visit!

What makes this a great backpacking destination is that, it can serve as a cheap base to explore the plush resort-towns like Amalfi and Positano. These can be reached by the train circumvesuviana, the tickets for which are very cheap and you can have a day trip to these otherwise high-end coastal destinations.

You can also hike to Mt. Vesuvius from Naples, the world-famous volcano and take a tour of Pompeii, the ancient ruined city from Naples.

Prague, Czech Republic



Currency: Czech koruna

Conversion rate as of 2017: 1 Czech koruna = 0.038 Euros

One of the hottest European cities, Prague is surprisingly affordable, if you compare it to the likes of Paris and Rome. Flanked by historical, fairy-tale like castles, Prague has some of the most stunning architectural marvels in the world that are free to observe from the outside. There are a lot of cheap accommodations easily available, including hostels and dorms that start as low as 10 USD per night.

The city is pretty walkable, helping you to save on the transport. The beer is dead cheap and finding an inexpensive club to party is very easy.

Beautiful, budget destination like Ceskuy Krumlov is a day-trip away, hence adding to the brownie points Prague already scored at the beer!

A shoe-string budget should not keep you away from exploring the beauty that lies within Europe. Pick your favourite travel destination for backpacking and get going!

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Unlocking 5 most affordable destinations in Europe for backpacking | Guest Post
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Unlocking 5 most affordable destinations in Europe for backpacking | Guest Post
Unlocking 5 most affordable destinations in Europe for backpacking. Abhishek Shende our guest blogger writes about 5 of the most affordable destinations in Europe if you're looking to backpack your way!
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