Here is my personal experiences of spending 36 hours in Los Angles – Hollywood baby!



It’s Friday 21st August and I’ve just landed in LA and I’ve got 36 hours to see and do all I can in this ever so famous city. It’s hot and LAX the airport is MASSIVE. Terminals nearly up to 10 this place is just what the USA is, everyday things but just much, much bigger. 

Well I didn’t take the time zone into consideration from Lima, Peru so I get there a couple of hours before my friend. After the delight of USA security, finger and thumb prints and a pic) I had a Starbucks (so American!) and waited. My friend turns up and we are ready to rock it in LA…


The bus from the airport is easy, outside terminal 1 and called Flyaway LAX or something like that (ask if you get stuck, everyone just about speaks English!), it costs 8 dollars one way. 45 minutes later we are in the centre (just about).

Handy tip, you will see two machines but no signs. The first is for cross country trains so far distance, where the others near the metro gates are for local area so use these. Under 2 dollars (bloody hell when comparing to England!!) you can get anywhere on the underground as its a one way ticket.

We head to our Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn Hotel we booked with trusted, located in Hollywood. Around 30 minutes later after leaving Union Station we use handy Google Maps (thanks three for use of internet!) we are standing outside our hotel Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn. Great hotel, it’s clean and it’s nice to actually have a real hotel for a change! You get a fridge, coffee machine, TV and any backpackers dream an iron and board! Within the hotel you’ve got a bar (we didn’t want to use the hotel bar!) and laundry room which was usual to get all our clothes sorted!


It was a good spot with a subway and shop within 2 minutes’ walk, however, i’d search for the local supermarket around 10 minutes’ walk as the beer etc is WAY cheaper – a 12 mix Mexican pack was just under 15 dollars which was rather useful! I’d recommend the Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn to stay at due to its awesome location, clean room and comfy double beds. 


LA has super cool graffiti

Night out was good, note though with clubs and bars just closing at 2am! Surprise and half for us but oh hell, we went for beers and then a pizza and subway – not sure why the double food but hey ho when you’re drunk shit happens. Was good crack never the less, well until the day after when we had a bathroom emergency, if I could remember the pizza place I’d write a review but we couldn’t even remember where it was!!



Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory is the bomb – a must see. We are English so opted to walk it in the mid day sun haha. Getting a metro close by and walking the one hour, which then turns into an actual hike though the views of LA are amazing. The place is then sciency as you can imagine but cool, which awesome views. We followed the road for around 30 minutes towards the Hollywood sign, and some fellow Europeans scared us off with another 5K walk to get closer to the sign – the view was amazing enough! We had to run back to start pre drinking too! 


The night we decide on a local bar crawl (what a good business idea for tourism!), after tracking down a bar with a sign (it wasn’t actually the bar / bar crawl we were looking for but it was a bar crawl and we were just in time so who the hell cares) we head in and manage to pay half of the actual price for a ticket. Burgers in the place were mint, a couple of pints later we are off – we got a free shot too but nothing to write home about. Bar crawl wasn’t bad, we were taken to the next 3 places (right next door to each other ha), we got a shot / drink in each for free and we purchased standard priced beers (like 6 or 7 dollars!). We ended up in a club (whoever remembers the names?!), massive and some (we guess) famous DJ was on as everyone got rather excited when he ran on and jumped around abit. Club drinks were 8 dollars a bottle beer and then your tip so call it 10 dollars a beer – steep compared to my standard South American beers but still around the same as England. The strange thing is that at 155am we grab a beer and 5 minutes later getting pushed back to the bar by the bouncers who say we need to down our drinks or give them over – say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. USA seems a bummer for early nights, so good for us pre drinkers who struggle to actually get out and about so thank god for the bar crawl forcing us out at 7pm (earliest I’ve been out in YEARS!). The actual club shut just before 2:30am, so it was time for another, you guessed it Subway. We had to be up in the morning anyways…


We decided to purchase some tickets from SubHub for 100 dollars apiece for the RIOT SQUAD in SubHub stadium the home of LA Galaxy! To get to the stadium was a pain in the arse, clearly its drive or drive as the only option. We did manage to grab a couple of metros, with travel time well over an hour, then a bus. We found some fans which mad this part easier, but let me say, this part of LA is horrible ha so stay safe people. Someone needs to really put on a public push for the fans!!!


The stadium looks just rubbish but it’s always hot I guess so who needs a roof and proper build stadium eh? We head for the only part of the seating that fans are shouting and signing and where beer is allowed -that’s right, beer inside the seating area, no way in hell allowed in England! Big tins of Bud around 11 or so dollars so not all that bad really….Was a good match, though food at half time and a beer took best part of the full second half!!! What a joke, sort it out LA Galaxy, sort it out. Watched most of the goals on the screen then saw the last 10 minutes live. USA are getting more into football (real name), this is clear but still it’s way off and the quality sure is too. 5-1 and we were told an average of 5 goals a game this season for LA Galaxy, you know I’m right on the quality. Was good seeing Gerrard and Pirlo mind!


Can’t go wrong with Mexican in USA!!

We finished LA on the Sunday with drinks, then we headed for a much needed rest around 11pm – nothing much was happening on a Sunday it appeared and we couldn’t find a bar with Summerslam on! The nest day was all about travel.



We hit the local famous areas, Malibu, Santa Monica to see Arnold’s old gym and Beverly Hills. USA has some massive, and I mean massive houses, boy if you want to work in USA you can get a right place. If is the key thing here mind….the car on a Monday was cheaper and turned out to be 40 dollars each of us with a sat nav included. Glad we got the car and saw the local areas. You people don’t realise how bloody luckily you’re to have the beach so damn close. When I settle down next in one place it’s going to be this close to the beach and see – not a massive sand fan but this is amazing. 




We give the car back and head back to the airport by the same coach that brought us a couple of days before. Awesome trip – we saw the best and worse parts of LA – some of these folks are bloody damn crazy but everyone seems to do a good job of blocking them all out…i guess it comes with experience of seeing it every day. This is clearly the best pic of my time in LA….


Oh and after a couple of beers on the first night I shaved my head – cheaper than getting a hair cut and when traveling every little helps…

Don’t miss out on visiting Hollywood! 



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