3 Ways To Learn Spanish

I always get asked “What would be your first tip for visiting South America?” and my first answer is always LEARN SPANISH.

As the vast majority of the countries in South America speak Spanish it has to be the skill that will come in handy the most. I can not tell you the amount of times that I struggled at bus stations, shops and markets etc because I have zero Spanish skills. Yeah, I know the very basics Hola, Gracious but even just having a little more more of an understanding would have helped greatly!

Do not get me wrong, I had an awesome time and when I came into difficulty I just reminded myself that it was a challenge, just another challenge I had to overcome. However, having a more grasp on Spanish would be awesome and it is something I am looking into for my next trip to the continent.

With this in mind I have being internet researching into learning Spanish! Languages do not come easy to me so it is important that I choose a product that does not discourage me (well too much!) whilst I try to learn. Yeah, I know Google Translate is getting better and better but with only WiFi that is free in South America (unless you get a local sim card) it still can make mistakes and is not perfect!

Online Product: Synergy Spanish


A downloadable / delivered product available online. At first glance the website looks meh, but the reviews give it an impressive feel. It mentions that it is a good system for people who have struggled learning Spanish in the past so ideal for us who struggle!

What can you learn: Spanish only based product

Where to purchase: Can be ordered online or downloaded (cheaper option as mentioned above) – find out more

Online Product: Learn Spanish With Rocket Spanish


With a more polished looking website including more details on the product and 4.7 reviews this looks a promising learning Spanish product. It is a online course, which allows you to go through it at your own pace – something I am keen on.  And once you decide to buy you have 60 days to return for a full refund. Best of all you can try it for FREE. Yes, that is correct FREE so why not give it a go?

What can you learn: Spanish, and others including English, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, German, French and Chinese

Where to purchase: Start your language learning journey online

App: Duolingo


One of the best language apps on the market, in fact one of the best apps on the entire market altogether as its free, includes no hidden charges and ZERO ads – making it the most followed language app! Learning new languages can be tricky (especially for me!) so having different levels and competitions make it more of game, perfect for newbies.

What can you learn: As well as Spanish the app gives you added languages to learn such as French, German, Italian and English

Where to purchase: As this is free you can get it right now by accessing the Google Play store or through ITunes.

Have you come across any other good ways to learn Spanish or any other language? Comment below! 



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