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3 Fairytale Getaways This Christmas

Admit it or not, even the grumpiest of us get struck by wonders of Christmas from time to time.

All the fascination of traditions of caring and sharing the love with your closest ones gets almost everyone pretty much overwhelmed with joy.

And we all want to see Santa when clocks hit midnight on New Year’s Eve, don’t we?

Well, catching the magic of Christmas could be even better if you are lucky enough to travel somewhere nice and experience New Year in a whole different way. Lots of capitals are known to catch Christmas spirit in a unique way.

For example, Berlin is one of the most common places where you can spend fine time in winter.

In this article, we will give you (at least) 3 options of leaving the comfort of your home and going on an amazing and unforgettable Christmas journey. Here we go!

All Aboard Polar Express

If you fancy one of the most common Christmas-themed movies of all time, Zemeckis’ “Polar Express”, why don’t you hop on one yourself in search of Santa and the North Pole?

Following the success of the story surrounding the book and the movie (starring Tom Hanks among others), lots of US-based companies tried to recreate the movie plot offering their customers unique Christmas experience replicating the original movie plot and scenography.

If you want to experience something unusual and make this Christmas special and unforgettable in many ways than you might as well consider booking your ticket for one of the Polar Expresses in your vicinity. Make sure that the package includes everything – from original movie soundtrack and cups of warm cocoa all the way to Santa himself.

Although movie plot implies travel to the very North Pole, that is usually not included in the package. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t go there yourself! Which brings us to another option.

Visit Santa!

Yes, you read it right! Are you prepared to visit the famous Santa Claus himself and lend him a helping hand on busiest day (or night) of the year?

If you’re nodding your head in approval than Lapland is the place to be this Christmas. Finnish province that’s just outside the polar circle is known as Santa’s homeland. Every year lots of kids from all around the world come here to attend the Elf Academy or to help Ms. Santa preparing her traditional Christmas cookies.

If you really want to feel a true magic of Christmas and you preserved the child in you (or you are a child reading this after all), don’t overthink and book your trip to Finland this instant.

I know that Santa is far away and the journey can be costly, but even if you’ll need to consider a loan for this endeavor, do not hesitate as it will definitely worth your while.

Make It an Adrenaline Getaway

If you’ve been quite for the entire year and now you feel that the time to shake off the stress had finally come, it might be just about time for you to hit the slopes on one of the many ski resorts out there. And while we at it, why not pay a visit to Perisher in Australia, one of the resorts that are skyrocketing in popularity and especially between Europeans.

The fact that you are able to experience snow when it’s actually summertime in Australia may be a good enough reason. Because, if you get bored of skiing and boarding on Thredbo Mountain, you can always take a trip to the beach or to nearby cities where you can relax in the sun.

Given all this in mind, options are truly limitless regarding what your preferences are. Whatever you do, just make sure to make the most out of this holiday. Truth is, Christmas will be around next year also, but it doesn’t make it less important to have a good and memorable time this year.

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3 Fairytale Getaways This Christmas | Guest Post
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