I want to save money. Saving money allows me to travel, and travel for longer. I am always in the look out for any ways to save money to help me travel. To help you travel I have put together my top 20 unconventional money saving tips.

  1. Forget your wallet every once in a while
  2. Make your lunch at home and take it with you to work
  3. Buy unbranded products
  4. Buying online? Add it to basket and let them send you a reason to follow through with your purchase!
  5. Use a hipflask on night outs
  6. Eat clean – Don’t eat at Macky d’s etc!
  7. Go for the “offers” when you buy food out and about
  8. Buy a head shaver and cut your own hair
  9. Always buying a drink when playing football etc? Buy a water bottle and fit it up at home
  10. Buying a drink from a shop? Buy whichever is on offer
  11. Wait until things are on offer before you buy
  12. Ask yourself “Do I really need it?” and “Can I live Without it?” before you buy
  13. Run outside and bin that gym membership (that you don’t ever use anyways!)
  14. Cancel Sky TV and if you really need your TV fix? Grab Netflix free for a month & pay less than a tenner every month
  15. Buy 2nd hand books from Amazon than brand new ones
  16. Buy in bulk – 3 packets of chicken for £10 etc rather than one pack for a fiver
  17. Ask for a discount – Don’t be shy! If its poor service, poor food, or if its very close to out of date
  18. Sign up for Money Saving Expert Newsletter
  19. Buy cheapest toilet paper not branded ones!
  20. Cancel phone contract when you next can, buy a cheap Chinese phone from Amazon and go on cheapest monthly rolling deal
  21. Shop at outlet stores

Let me know in the comments below how you get on with some of these! 


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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