So, I visited the one and only Singapore back in October 2015 and loved it!

It was BOILING when I landed. I was not expecting it. I suppose I should have done but I turned up in Chinos. Chinos and a tee and a hoodie and boy I did not need any of them!

At the time it was very bad pollution as I later found out Indonesia was cutting down massive amount of trees, whole forests, something that happens every couple of years I was told. Was not a good time for wondering around but I did not know any better, so I did a lot of exploring in the RED hot heat, and smog. Anyways, I did not want to waste my couple of days in Singapore!

The food, the cleanness, the half English spoken, the awesome transport system and friendly people. It felt more like home than a lot of the places I visited that was for sure. It is just one of those places you have to experience yourself.

I have pulled together my top 18 snaps from my time – 3 days and nights – in Singapore so enjoy!

Did you like this article? Does it inspire you to travel to Singapore and see these in the flesh? Awesome! Post your comments below!


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