Are you looking to party? Are you looking to meet others that want to party? Are you looking for the best party hostels throughout the world?! You’ve come to the right place fellow backpacker!

I’ve been all over the world seeking some of the best parties. I LOVE to party!

Finding out details on party hotels tends to be hard work, you’ve got to search and search, and ask and ask other travelers and search hard and low online. Its hard bloody work!

So, I’ve pulled together, based on my own experiences, 13 of the best party hostels I stayed at throughout the world! Check out the list which features party hostels in Australia, South East Asia and South America!



Location: Cairns, Australia | Name: Gilligan’s Backpacker Hostel | Rating: 3 out 5

Its worth a go! It looks like a hotel, and really it is! Its a big hotel thats pushed more beds into the rooms to call it a hostel, which is fair enough. The best part? The Theme nights that are practically on every night of the week! Wet T-shirt competition anyone? This is the place.

I stayed here for two nights mainly to see what all the fuss was about. If i’m been honest, it wasn’t great. It felt dead during the day and the additional cash for the niceness didn’t matter to me. However, you don’t need to stay here to enjoy the party, you can still get in the theme nights even if you don’t stay here. I’d highly recommend the below…

Location: Cairns, Australia | Name: Asylum | Rating: 5 out 5

This is IT! After a party hostel? Well this isn’t a party hostel in the name but is clearly the best place to stay if you LOVE to party! Why? Its near enough to the center, and the legendary “Pants Down Party” each and every Thursday should just convince you in its self! What the hell is this?! You pay less than a tenner dollars, some cash goes to a charity, the rest goes on goon, dominos pizzas and the very best hostel gift i’ve never got….DESIGN YOUR OWN TEE SHIRT AND GET IT PRINTED. Yes, you just read that!

Go here. It has the secret of drinking in Australia too, which is try and find a hostel without a bar and that you can BRING YOUR OWN BEER! Its a bloody must be the expensive prices in Australia and this place has its own BEER fridge. What more do you want party person?!

Location: Brisbane, Australia | Name: Bunk Brisbane | Rating: 3 out 5

The thing is in the big cities in Australia you’re struggling to get a party hotel that has BRING YOUR OWN BEER and without this option it tends to be bloody expensive. This place had a big bar / night club attached to it so in terms of the two nights, Wednesday and Saturday it was kicking off!

Location: Magnetic Island, Australia | Name: Base | Rating: 2 out 5

Well, lets face it, you’re on a island and you’ve not got many options! This was the only place that felt like anything was going down. It had a bar, pool table and theme nights. Its expensive even in Australian terms but still if you’ve got the funds and desperate to party then its your only option!

South East Asia


Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia | Name: The Mad Monkey Hostel | Rating: 4 out 5

Rooftop bar with cheap drinks and loud music to get the party going! Try and special drinks where you get a beer, a cocktail and a shot for small change (when comparing it to English money and English prices!).

Once you’re in need of a break the hostel round the corner is owned by a fellow Bradford born dude who provides a chilled environment for drinks and chatter with the majority wanting to go out too once the bar shuts! Read my read of Downtown Siem Reap Hostel 

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Name: The Mad Monkey Hostel | Rating: 4 out 5

Location is perfect! Its got the same set up as above and is perfect for those looking for a party hostel! Again, the drinks are cheap and get your rolling, and you’re sure to find others looking to party their arse of! OH HELL YEAH!

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam | Name: Hanoi Backpackers Hostel | Rating:4 out 5

Located all round Vietnam, with two in Hanoi this is the best place to stay if you’re looking for party!

Big bar with good prices, and plenty of theme nights, the night i was there a pretty decent pub quiz with a twist! Then it turned into a nightclub and it was crazy!

It also runs the legendary and a MUST DO Hay long Bay Castaway Island Adventure! A Must!

Location: Bangkok, Thailand | Name: Bagoda | Rating: 4 out 5

Not really a party hostel but i couldn’t find any in Bangkok! But it has its own bar and plenty of fun people tend to be knocking about for party drinking games and the drinks are cheap so ideal place to start your night of drinking and then head to the crazy arse streets to continue your party! It gets 4 out of 5 due to its location which is just ideal!

Location: Phuket, Thailand | Name: Bagoda | Rating: 4 out 5

Its next to the crazy arse street and what more do you want! We stayed here as we had so much fun in Bangkok. Again, perfect place to meet other party people, cheap drinks and then you’re ready to go party and experience a night out in Phuket!

Location: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand | Name: Blanco | Rating: 4 out 5

The best place to stay on Koh Phi Phi hands down! Right on the beach and the place thats buzzing once the sun goes down! Don’t forget to have a beer in your drinking hand, and another beer, a Chang, for your game of Beer Pong! BOOM!

South America


Location: La Paz, Bolivia | Name: Wild Rover Backpackers | Rating: 5 out 5

Loved Bolivia, Loved La Paz and especially the partying! This hostel is run by Irish and you know what that means its mental! Plenty of fun to be had….

I don’t want to spoil it for you, want to party in La Paz Bolivia get your ars to the Wild Rover Backpackers!!

Location: Cusco, Peru | Name: Wild Rover Backpackers | Rating: 5 out 5

Peru, you beauty! I loved Peru, and Cusco and Wild Rover Backpackers! Expect the same as when you stay and party at Wild Rover Backpackers in La Paz. Again, i don’t want to spoil it for you!!

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina | Name: Milhouse Hostel Hipo | Rating: 3 out 5

I couldn’t really find a party place but Milhouse Hostel Hipo came close! Its not as crazy as in the likes of Peru and Bolivia but its the place to stay if you want to meet other party people!

The best?


Well, thats a bloody difficult question to answer!

In my personal opinion the party hostels are located in South East Asia and South America when it comes to partying!

The party tends to be slightly different in each continent. South East Asia partying was more about partying on a beach and it turning into a all night rave. Whereas, with South American it was similiar to back home. Yeah, it is still nuts, the party would start in your hostel with plenty of loud music, drinking games, drinking deals and craziness, then a magic bus is put on by the hostel and you’re shipped away to a nearby club (whichever club is hot that night!

If you’re looking to party then choose a party hostel and understand what you’re going to get! Don’t go expecting to sleep, have a relax and be able to get up early for tours!

Top Tip: Only book 3 or 4 nights, then book somewhere else. That way you get the best of both worlds: Party experiences, and then relax and sightseeing / tourism experiences!

Enjoy Party People!



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Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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