10 Things That Make You Want To Visit Peru (Again & Again!)

Peru. Oh Peru, you beauty.

Peru was my last stop in South America after spending two and a half months visiting some of the world’s gems in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.

Missing that feeling that you are no longer in Peru? Me too. Never been before? Not even on your bucket list?

Here is to the wonderful place that is Peru and my post on the 10 Things That Make You Want To Visit Peru (Again & Again!)

  1. Altitude

Altitude-peruBoy this place high up! Cusco is at 11,152 feet above sea water, man! Come over the border from Bolivia like me? You were in luck with your body and mind already used to the extreme altitude available in Peru.

  1. Altitude Sickness (Leading to Coca leaves in EVERYTHING you can eat and drink!)

coca-sweetsDid it happen to you? Did the altitude get to you? How much coca leaves did you drink or chew on to try and combat the altitudes?! I could not even count the amount of coca tea I drank! Oh, and do not forget the coca sweets!

  1. The Language

learning-languages-spanishSpanish (want to learn spanish? I suggest it!) is spoken much like the rest of South America (with Brazil the exception of course) though I was told the dialect is much different!

  1. The People

Peruvian-PeopleFriendly and caring are the people of Peru. Our free walking tour guide was even funny too! Some of the nicest people you will meet in South America.

  1. Markets, Markets, Markets!

peru-jumperAre just about everywhere in the major cities of Cusco and Lima. It makes you wonder how selling the identical items of clothing and nick nacks makes them enough money. Do not leave without a silly jumper with llama’s or an oversized poncho! I bloody LOVE my jumper!

  1. Machu Picchu

daylight-machu-pichhuThis place is stunning! The reason why Peru was on my bucket list! And, why it really needs to be included on yours!

  1. Food Positioning! (No image needed!)

Any westerner knows the feeling when the dodgy stomach is coming even if you have tried your best to keep away from the delicious looking street food!

  1. The Clothing

peru-market-clothingYou can not walk around a corner without seeing the traditional dress of the vast majority of Peruvians! Love it!

  1. Hand Made Chocolate

Would you believe it! Peru has its own chocolate company that makes some of the nicest in the world! You can even buy it with smarties within the chocolate! Visit the chocolate museum!

  1. Sacsayhuaman & The Other Cool Stuff

SacsayhuamanIt means Sexy Woman in English. Do not let that fool you or the fact it’s hidden above the city of Cusco, this is one of the highlights to see In Cusco! As well as the other awesome places to see through your own eyes such as the second largest canyon in the world “Colca Canyon” in Arequipa!

Peru. Peru. Peru. A must see on any bucket list!



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