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10 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand Before You Reach Your 30s

Our 20’s are a unique time. We’re young, we have energy, and we’re always ready for an adventure. If you’re teaching English in Thailand, or you’re just there for an exciting vacation, you’ll find that it’s an ideal place to visit in your 20’s. Thailand has a gorgeous landscape, wonderful people, and plenty of beaches to hit.

Here are ten reasons you should visit Thailand before you hit 30.

You Have More Expendable Income

When you’re in your 20’s there’s a lot more income to go around. This may sound wrong, but according to The Spectator, disposable income is up by a third compared to two decades ago for those in their 20’s.

Think about it. People in their 20’s are less likely to be held down by a mortgage, kids, and many cars among other things. You may not make as much as someone who is 45, but you funnel your money into less.

Hike to Hidden Temples

Thailand has a rich history. It’s a country full of ancient temples that are located off the beaten path. To reach these ancient landmarks you need plenty of energy to hike back to them. Thailand is one of the best hiking locations in the world. So bring a good pair of walking shoes!

There’s Always a Party

The party scene in Thailand is bumping. In fact, there’s even something known as “party islands.” Enjoy some of the best nightlife in the world at Koh Phangan, which is complete with lively bars, beach clubs, and has full moon parties.

If you’re looking to dance into the early morning hours, then head to the island Koh Phi Phi. Here you’ll find eclectic dance floors, music on full blast, and plenty of sugar cane rum. Yum!

Show Off Your Beach Bod

Few beaches in the world rival those of Thailand. You’ll find expansive beaches all over the country. Spend your day relaxing in the sun to get your tan on, swimming in the Andaman Sea, and making friends.

Then Play Beach Football

Every night the beaches change over from swimming destinations to make-shift football courts. The locals are wild about playing beach football in the cooler evening hours and welcome in anyone who wants to join. The beaches are truly the best places to make friends in this country. After a few fun games of beach football, head off to the local beach club for drinks and music.

You Still Have A Lot of Free Time

Your 20’s are the last time in life you’ll have few responsibilities. It’s important to not waste this time because as soon as you buy a house and have kids your free time quickly diminishes. Your 20’s shouldn’t be spent working long hours and weekends in an office somewhere. You should be living life and enjoying your youth.

Create Stories to Share For a Lifetime

You’ll never forget the time you spent in Thailand. There’s always something exciting going on and it’s all affordable to do. If you were to travel around Europe you have to strictly budget for everything, which limits how many thing you can do. Bars are overpriced, public transport is expensive, and festivals are never free.

Thailand is different. It’s a country where you can let your spirit roam and nothing will break the bank. You’ll have these memories for the rest of your life.

Discover Who You Are

When we’re in our 20’s we still haven’t figured everything out yet. This is normal. I’ve found that travel has taught me more about who I am than anything I have done back home. Travel gives us time to contemplate life.

Go Island Hopping

Thailand has dozens of gorgeous islands. You’ll never be able to visit them all, so research the best islands before you go. Some islands feature thatched huts and a quiet vibe, while others are cater to the party-goers.

If you’re a nature enthusiast, check out Ko Tarutao. This island features bungalows and spots for you to camp in the national park. You can explore dense jungles and stare at the limestone cliff faces.

Scuba with Whale Sharks

No visit to Thailand is complete without going scuba diving with the sharks. Sometimes in life you need to take a little risk and your 20’s is the best time to do so. Thailand features many scuba diving schools where you can get your permit or just go out for an afternoon.

Traveling the world is one of the best investments you can make. You’ll be able to quell your sense of curiosity about the world. You can discover who you are and create memories that last a lifetime. Travel is one of the best investments you can make.

Dimitris works as a full stack marketer at Movinhand. Movinhand helps educators get the salary they deserve. We promote teachers around the world and get them the best possible offer within 10 days of signing up.

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10 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand Before You Reach Your 30s | Guest Post
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10 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand Before You Reach Your 30s | Guest Post
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