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10 Awesome Trip Destinations For Budget Travelers

Gone are the days when travelling is considered a luxury and privilege for a few. Times have changed when travelling meant less expensive, with more destinations welcoming tourists who are on a budget. In fact, backpack or budget travelling is a trend nowadays, and backpackers are more than willing to share tips to make sure you get the most value from your money.

Frugal travelers’ top choices are around Asia, but that does not mean your choice of travel destinations are limited there. A fellow backpacker tells me, no matter where you want to go, there will be destinations that would work for your budget as long as you also know how to stick to your travel fund. In case you would like to write a blog about your trips, you should consider getting help from wizessay com.

Here are their top ten recommended destinations for an amazing budget travel experience!


Vietnam’s dark history of war contrasts greatly with its natural appeal, as rice terraces, mountains, beaches, sacred temples and pagodas frame your background. Two of the more popular destinations in Vietnam are Ho Chi Minh City in the southern part, and Hanoi in the northern region.

A tour around Hanoi will only set you back not more than 100 USD, which covers transportation, accommodation, meals, and entrance fees. Best spots to visit are the My Son Sanctuary, Bach Ma National Park, Mekong Delta, and Hoi An. Get the most out of your experience (and wallet too) by renting out a motorbike for transportation, and eating famous street food in Vietnam.

The Philippines

The 7,000 plus islands of the Philippines are becoming increasingly popular travel destination for 2017, especially for budget travel. Highly recommended is Palawan, an untouched paradise that would surely be an awesome experience for travelers. Whether it’s El Nido, Coron, or Puerto Princesa, Palawan offers the best sceneries in land and water in the Philippines. Adventure in the Philippines means snorkeling, cliff diving, island hopping, and so much more. Accommodation and food are relatively cheap in the Philippines, with warm hospitality adding value to your experience.


While Cambodia’s recent history has the Khmer Rouge and The Killing Fields to its name, there are other country highlights and destinations that are as equally as memorable in a positive way. Siem Reap has the top tourist spot in store for budget travelers. For around $40 for a 3-day ticket, travelers can marvel at the magnificent temple ruins of Angkor Wat. Tourists are recommended to rent a tuk-tuk with a driver in going around Cambodia, which will only set you back around $20 and give you more time to maximize your visit.


Angkor Wat

South Korea

Complete your Southeast Asia itinerary with a stop in South Korea, an emerging travel stop in the region, all thanks to KPop. What sets South Korea apart from its Asian neighbors is its relatively modern culture, offering you great food, historic sites, skyscrapers and natural landscapes as well.

Top three recommended places to visit are Jeju Island, Gyeongju, and Seoraksan National Park. Round up your cultural experience by trying kimchi and bulgogi; donning a hanbok; and learning Hangeul. You can even try sleeping in jjimjilbangs or Korean saunas to keep you within budget, but in general, a hundred or so bucks can definitely go a long way!




With the euro weakening, travel to Europe has relatively been cheaper. Greece is on top of any frugal traveler’s list for its great beaches and the Aegean sea, sunset views in Santorini, and Greek food.

For less than 100 USD, one can explore and discover so much about the Greek culture and the early western civilization. Include Athens, Sparta, and Mount Olympus in your itinerary, and hope you gain the Greek gods and goddesses’ favor. Don’t forget to drop by the Acropolis to check out the Parthenon!




Another budget travel destination in Europe is Portugal. It’s a bit surprising that this country hasn’t topped travel lists yet, given how stunning the city’s art and architecture.  

Perfect for frugal travelers is Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal next to Lisbon. It’s cheaper in Porto than in any other European city. Museums, city walking tours, dining, and accommodations–your budget will be more than enough.  You can also visit the town of Ribeira, a UNESCO World Heritage site, for free!


Let’s get this fact out here now–a trip to Fiji Islands in the South Pacific Ocean will not break your bank. It’s a tropical paradise that will surely steal your breath away. Dive in the pristine waters around Mamanucas or Yasawas islands, and explore marine life. Travelers can also visit the Bouma National Heritage Park for a quick hike. Entrance fee will cost you just 12 FJD.

Cheap accommodations are available, starting at 15-30 FJD per night for dorm beds. Some accommodations also offer free meals that can help you stretch your budget. However, food are also inexpensive, priced at around 10FJD for each meal.

South Africa

South Africa may not be on the top of most travel lists, but honestly, it should! With its wild animals, vast wilderness, and exotic culture, South Africa has lots to offer, even for those who are on a budget.

There are a lot of national parks that travelers can visit for a safari adventure, and they can refer to SANParks (or the South African National Parks) for recommendations among the 20 parks under them.

Another recommendation for frugal travellers to South Africa is Cape Town, where you can get the most out of your money’s value as you explore the city’s natural wonders and interesting suburb. Like in many travel destinations, food and accommodations will eat up most of your budget, so choose the cheapest dorm bed and go Shoprite for food.


South America’s cheapest travel destination for your enjoyment is Bolivia. But you won’t feel shortchanged for what you’ll shell out for!

Bolivia packs in adventure at less than 100 USD. You can join organized tours of La Paz, Uyuni Salt flats, Potosi mines; visit picturesque sceneries at Lake Titicaca; or quench your daredevil thirst by mountain biking at the “Death Road.”


A visit to the Mayan City of Copan and its Ruins, Parque Nacional Jeannette Knows, Tegucigalpa; birdwatching at Lago de Yojoa; and diving at Roatan or Utila–these are just a few of the activities one can do in Honduras, if one just gives it a chance.

There’s no discounting the fact that the country had its negative reputation due to crime, but it is gaining merits as well for being a bang-in-the-buck travel destination. Any traveler can set aside a daily budget of 50 USD for food, accommodation, and transportation, and still get to relax and enjoy Honduras’ charm.

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